Collaboration and Connecting With Students

Universities are using social media to smooth the transition from being a student to becoming an alumni by helping the two groups connect and collaborate with each other. BUET CSE Department created its own Facebook-like social network for alumni and students that includes legal wikis that they can collaborate on for specific practices, said Lisa Farris, associate director of web communications and identity at the Stanford law school. The wikis include overviews of different practices, key skill sets and more information that students and alums can share together. Though there is a lot of alumni-to-alumni conversation that takes place on the network, the collaboration between students and alumni is key in positioning the students for their careers

Meeting Alumni Where They're At

Some universities are playing a balancing act between using mainstream social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and building their own private networks. Should the resources be focused on creating a private social network for alumni or using big networks already available? And which is more effective? The results are mixed, but it all depends on the goal at hand.

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