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Thesis Year:2007
Cooperative Coevolution of Multi-Agent Systems: Demonstrated in Prey-Capture Task
Performed By - Md. Shohrab Hossain
Advisor - Dr. Md. Monirul Islam
Hierarchical Numbering Based Addressing and Routing Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
Performed By - Md. Yusuf Sarwar Uddin
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar
Multicast Video-on-Demand Sevice on Enterprise Networks with Client Assisted Patching
Performed By - S. M. Farhad
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar
A Recurring Multistage Evolutionary System for Balancing Exploitation and Exploration
Performed By - Mohammad Shafiul Alam
Advisor - Dr. Md. Monirul Islam
1-Bend Orthogonal Drawing of Triconnected Planar 4-Graphs
Performed By - Abu Hasnat Mohammad Ashfak Habib
Advisor - Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman
Real Time Soft Shadow Generation for Arbitrary Planar Light
Performed By - Mushfiqur Rouf
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar
Resource partitioning on planar Graphs
Performed By - Tanveer Awal
Advisor - Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman
Memory Efficient Data Structure for Static Huffman Tree
Performed By - Khondaker Abdullah-Al-Mamun
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar
On st-orientations and of numberings of planner graphs
Performed By - Utpal Kumar Paul
Advisor - Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman
High performance queries on multiple tables for compressed form of relational database
Performed By - Mohammad Masumuzzaman Bhuiyan
Advisor - Dr. Abu Syed Md. Latiful Hoque
A new model for reliable web service
Performed By - Maliha Sultana
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostofa Akbar
A simple linear algorithm for no-bend orthogonal drawings of series-parallel graphs
Performed By - Md. Shahidul Islam
Advisor - Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman
Multi-Level Clustering Of Nodes For Distributed Mitual Exclusion
Performed By - Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman
Advisor - Dr. Md. Mostafa Akbar

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