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***Admission Open for Batch 21. Application Deadline Extended till February 28, 2018. Class will commence from March 04, 2018***

Course: Linux System Administration and Server Configuration


Linux is a very popular OS when it comes to the servers or system administration. It is very robust and secure OS, that's why most of the world's servers are being powered by Linux based OS. The Linux System Administration and Server Configuration Course offered from IAC, Dept of CSE is designed to give training on different aspects of system administration and server configuration in Linux based OS.


  • To develop a strong command line based administration skill in Linux based OS.
  • To develop the knowledge of working principles, installation and configuration of different servers.
  • To help professionals earn vendor certification.

Outcome of the Learning

  • Being able to install Linux based OS in machines
  • Become proficient in command line based system administration in Linux
  • Gain the ability to create and manipulate permissions for different users in a Linux based OS
  • Get clear concept of the file system structure of Linux based OS
  • Effectively learn to install and configure a number of different servers in a Linux based OS
  • Learn to troubleshoot different server problems

Class Schedule

The course length will be 8 weeks with two classes in each week and 3 hours in each class. The lecture plan of the course is as follows:
Week# Content
1 Introduction to Linux and its file system
Basic file system commands
2,3,4 More file system commands
Network Setup in Linux
Linux Process Management commands
User and Group Management
File and Directory Permissions
Network File System
5 Samba File Server configuration
FTP Server Configuration
6 DHCP Server configuration
DNS Server
7 Apache Web Server Configuration
Squid Proxy Server Configuration
8 Mail Server Configuration
MySQL Database server configuration

Learning and Evaluation Method

  • Class room is equipped with Multimedia projector and 35 workstations running Ubuntu Desktop Operating System
  • A course manual is supplied
  • Two faculty members from CSE, BUET conduct the classes
  • Regular Practice sessions are held after each class
  • Separate problem solving session beyond the regular scheduled classes are held
  • Two evaluations are done during the class duration li>
  • One final examination having both written and practical component is held after the end of the scheduled classes

Course Teachers

Dr. Md. Shohrab Hossain, Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, BUET

Further Query

Email: iac@cse.buet.ac.bd
Phone: 9665650-80 Ext-6438, mobile : 01552-015596