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  Recent Publications:

10. Reaz Ahmed, Md. Faizul Bari, Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, Md. Golam Rabbani, Raouf Boutaba, and Bertrand Mathieu, AlphaRoute: Routing on Names. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 24(5), :3070-3083, 2016
9. Md. Yusuf Sarwar Uddin, Vinay Setty, Ye Zhao, Roman Vitenberg, and Nalini Venkatasubramanian, RichNote: Adaptive Selection and Delivery of Rich Media Notifications to Mobile Users. In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems ICDCS 2016), IEEE, Nara, Japan, 2016
8. Shibbir Ahmed , Mahamudul Hasan , Md. Nazmul Hoq , and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan, User Interaction Analysis to Recommend Suitable Jobs in Career-Oriented Social Networking Sites. In Proceedings of International Conference on Data and Software Engineering (ICoDSE), Bali, Indonesia, pages 6, 2016
7. Ayon Sen, S. M. Sohidull Islam, and Md. Yusuf Sarwar Uddin, MARQUES: Distributed Multi-Attribute Range Query Solution using Space Filling Curve on DHTs. In Proceedings of International Conference on Networking Systems and Security 2015 (NSysS 2015), IEEE, Dhaka, 2015
6. F. T. Zohora, Md. Yusuf Sarwar Uddin, and Johra Muhammad Moosa, Not so Synchronous RPC: RPC with Silent Synchrony Switch for Avoiding Repeated Marshalling of Data. In Proceedings of International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 8314, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Coimbatore, India, pages 544-549, 2014
5. A.K.M. Ashikur Rahman, Xue Liu, and Fanxin Kong, A Survey on Geographic Load Balancing based Data Center Power Management in the Smart Grid Environment. IEEE Communication Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE, Impact Factor: 5.49, 16(1), :214-233, 2014 [paper link].
4. Nashid Shahriar, Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, Mahfuza Sharmin, Reaz Ahmed, Raouf Boutaba, and Bertrand Mathieu, Ensuring Beta-Availability in P2P Social Networks. In Proceedings of 5th International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-peer computing and Online Social neTworking (HotPOST), IEEE, USA, 2013
3. Muhammad Abdullah Adnan, R. Sugihara, and R. Gupta, Energy Efficient Geographical Load Balancing via Dynamic Deferral of Workload. In Proceedings of Proc. of International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2012), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 2012
2. Rakibul Haque, Atiqul Islam, Ashik Khan, and Mahmuda Naznin, DPUid : Distributed Algorithm for Proximity-based Unique ID Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks. In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology, ACM, Seol, Korea, 2009
1. M. Ahmed, S.M.H Chowdhury, and Masud Hasan, List heuristic scheduling algorithms for distributed memory systems with improved time complexity. In Proceedings of International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking, Springer, Kolkata, India, 2008

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