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Computer Networks

4 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 3 Term 2 Students

Prerequisite: None

Protocol hierarchies; Data link control: HLDC; DLL in Internet; DLL of ATM; LAN Protocols: Standards IEEE 802.*; Hubs, Bridges, and Switches, FDDI, Fast Ethernet; Routing algorithm; Congestion control; Internetworking, WAN; Fragmentation; Firewalls; IPV4, IPV6, ARP, RARP, Mobile IP, Network layer of ATM; Transport protocols; Transmission control protocol: connection management, transmission policy, congestion control, timer management; UDP; AAL of ATM; Network security: Cryptography, DES, IDEA, public key algorithm; Authentication; Digital signatures; Gigabit Ethernet; Domain Name System: Name servers; Email and its privacy; SNMP; HTTP; World Wide Web.

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