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Developing English Skills Laboratory

1.5 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 1 Term 2 Students

Prerequisite: None

Grammar: Tense, article, preposition, subject-verb agreement, clause, conditional and sentence structure.
Vocabulary building: Correct and precise diction, affixes, level of appropriateness. Colloquial and standard, informal and formal.
Developing reading skill: Strategies of reading – skimming, scanning, predicting, inferring; analyzing and interpreting variety of texts; practicing comprehension from literary and nonliterary texts.
Developing writing skill: Sentences, sentence variety, generating sentences; clarity and correctness of sentences, linking sentences to form paragraphs, writing paragraphs, essays, reports, formal and informal letters.
Listening skill and note taking: Listening to recorded texts and class lectures and learning to take useful notes based on listening.
Developing speaking skill: Oral skills including communicative expressions for personal identification, life at home, giving advice and opinion, instruction and directions, requests, complaints, apologies, describing people and places, narrating events.

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