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Industrial Management

3 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 4 Term 1 Students

Prerequisite: None

Introduction, evolution, management function, organization and environment.
Organization: Theory and structure; Coordination; Span of control; Authority delegation; Groups; Committee and task force; Manpower planning.
Personnel Management: Scope; Importance; Need hierarchy; Motivation; Job redesign; Leadership; Participative management; Training; Performance appraisal; Wages and incentives; Informal groups; Organizational change and conflict.
Cost and Financial Management: Elements of costs of products depreciation; Break-even analysis; Investment analysis; Benefit cost analysis.
Management Accounting: Cost planning and control; Budget and budgetary control; Development planning process.
Marketing Management: Concepts; Strategy; Sales promotion; Patent laws.
Technology Management: Management of innovation and changes; Technology life cycle; Case studies.

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