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Complex Variable and Statistics

3 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 2 Term 1 Students

Prerequisite: None

Complex Variable: Complex number system; General functions of a complex variable; Limits and continuity of a function of complex variable and related theorems; Complex differentiation and the Cauchy–Riemann Equations; Mapping by elementary functions; Line integral of a complex function; Cauchy’s Integral Theorem; Cauchy’s Integral Formula; Liouville’s Theorem; Taylor’s Theorem and Laurent’s Theorem. Singular points; Residue; Cauchy’s Residue Theorem. Evaluation of residues; Contour integration; Conformal mapping.
Statistics: Frequency distribution; Mean, median, mode and other measures of central tendency; Standard deviation and other measures of dispersion; Moments, skewness and kurtosis; Elementary probability theory and discontinuous probability distribution, (binomial, Poisson and negative binomial); Characteristics of distributions; Elementary sampling theory; Estimation; Hypothesis testing and regression analysis.

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