Automatic Bike Lock System Using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth Module

A Brief Description

Required Equipments

How it works?

Block Diagram


Detailed Pin Diagram

Problems Faced

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A Brief Description

For our Digital System Design Sessional project, we have designed an automatic lock system on bike, that can be controlled by a remote Android application via HC-05 Bluetooth Module.

The bike lock will be unlocked when the owner is reaches it, instead of manually unlocking it and vice-versa.

Required Equipments

1) Bluetooth device HC05
2) Push button
3) Arduino Uno
4) Wires
5) Glue Gum
6) Cardboard

How It Works

This whole project basically has two major parts: 1) The Lock (Reciever) and 2) The Android Application (Sender).

The bike owner carries the android application which sends out his credentials (id, password) via bluetooth. An Ardiono Module is set on the bike which connects itself to a HC-05 bluetooth module to recieve the signal from the owner, and a servo motor, which controls the lock mechanism.

There is also a master switch on the lock- circuit, which prevents the system from false-trigering. The system will lock or unlock when both of bluetooth connection and the master switch is active.

Block Diagram

fig: Block Diagram


1- If Master Switch is Active

2- Waits for Signal from Owner's Application

3- Recieves the signal

4- If matches, sends signal to servo

5- Else go back to step 2

6- Servo locks the bike

7- Else the the bike is locked

Detailed Pin Diagram

fig: Detailed Pin Diagram

Problems Faced

1) The Power consumption was an issue at the beginning, it was later solved with a Lipo battery.
2) Android- Hc-05 Sychronization was another issue we faced. Discoring nearby bluetooth devices and pairing them was not funtioning properly initially.
3) The implementation of a strong mechanical lock was challenging. We managed to make a prototype of a lock that can successfully prevent the bike from moving while locked.

Group Members

  • 1205016- Rashid Abid Rafi

  • 1205026- Muhim Muktadir Khan

  • 1205028- Rayhan Chowdhury

  • 1205034- Mottakin Chowdhury

  • 1205052- MD. Samil Salman

  • Course Teachers

  • Md. Iftekharul Islam Sakib

  • Ishtiyaque Ahmad

  • Md. Shariful Islam Bhuyan

  • Project Video