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 Graduate Academic Evaluation:

Letter Grade Merit Description Grade Points Percentage of Marks
A+ Excellent 4.0 90% and above
A Very Good 3.5 80% to below 90%
B+ Good 3.0 70% to below 80%
B Average 2.5 60% to below 70%
C Pass 2.0 50% to below 60%
F Failure 0.0 Below 50%
I Incomplete - -
S Satisfactory - -
U Unsatisfactory - -
W Withdraw - -


 Courses in which the student gets F grades shall not be counted towards credit hour requirements and for the calculation of GPA

 Grade I is given only when a student is unable to sit for the examination of a course at the end of the semester because of situations beyond his control. He must apply to the Head within one week after the examination to get an I grade.

 Student may enroll for noncredit courses termed as audit courses on recommendation of his thesis/project supervisor and Head of the department. However his grade for such courses will not be counted for his GPA.

 Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory- used only as final grades for thesis/project and noncredit courses. Grade for thesis/project “In Progress” shall be so recorded. If, however, thesis/project is discontinued an I grade shall be recorded.

 A student may withdraw from a course within two working weeks of the commencement of the semester or else his grade in that course shall be recorded as F unless he is eligible to get a grade of I. A student may be permitted to withdraw and change his course within the specified period with the approval of his adviser.

 Numerical markings may be made in the answer scripts, tests, etc. but all final grading to be reported to the controller of Examination shall be in the letter grade system.

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