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Cloud Security

3 Credit Hour Course

Prerequisite:   None

Introduction to cloud computing; Cloud computing security concepts and threat model; Attacks and attack surfaces in cloud:utilizing side channels for attacks; Mapping/topology attacks: mapping the cloud and determining co-residence, information leakage in the cloud;Securing cloud in the control plane: the IaaS security problem, cloud computing audit with a third party, using Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to secure cloud; Securing data in cloud: provable data possession, remote data checking protocols; Securing computation in cloud: verifying computation in cloud, correctness of data flow operations, randomized data attestation, integrity attestation graph; Cloud forensics: secure provenance, identifying authorship and confidentiality preservation; Privacy in cloud: differential privacy schemes, securing MapReduce for privacy and confidentiality; Malware in cloud; Attacking availability: DoS attack on cloud, topology identification, mitigation strategy; Virtual machine security: protection of VMM, virtual machine threats; Authentication in cloud: multi-agent authentication, mandatory access control.

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