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Biometric Security

3 Credit Hour Course

Prerequisite:   None

Basic concepts of biometric security; Anatomical and physiological traits recognition: fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, speaker, retina, vein, signature, gut and face; Guidelines, applications and procedures for implementing a biometric security system in aLAN, WAN or wireless infrastructure; Biometric encoding techniques: binarization, WSQ; Biometric template generation and parameter management protocol; Biometric key management: biometric key generation, biometric discretization for template protection and visual biometric cryptography; Privacy and security assessment of biometric systems and templates; Authentication: biometric-protected authentication connection establishment, collaborative design for distributed biometric-based authentication in the cloud and smart card based biometric authentication; Privacy-enhanced biometric system protocol design and implementation; Other biometric security technologies: watermarked biometrics, 3D fingerprints.

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