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  Graduate Courses:

Course ID Course Title
CSE6102Computer Arithmetic
CSE6103Advanced Logic Design
CSE6205Computer Organization and Design
CSE6206Advanced Microprocessor
CSE6207Advanced Dependable and Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems
CSE6301Software Project Management
CSE6302Software Quality Assurance
CSE6303Information System Management
CSE6304Software Testing
CSE6305Programming Languages and Systems
CSE6401Parallel Algorithms
CSE6402Graph Theory
CSE6403Computational Geometry
CSE6404VLSI Layout Algorithms
CSE6405Graph Drawing
CSE6406Bioinformatics Algorithms
CSE6407Combinatorial Optimization
CSE6408Advanced Algorithms
CSE6410Advanced Algorithmic Graph Theory
CSE6411Computational Biology
CSE6412Computational Proteomics
CSE6413Network Science
CSE6501Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CSE6502Symbolic Machine Learning-I
CSE6503Symbolic Machine Learning-II
CSE6504Advanced Syntactic Pattern Recognition
CSE6505Speech Recognition
CSE6506Data Mining
CSE6507Machine Translation
CSE6508Evolutionary Algorithms
CSE6509Text-to-Speech Synthesis
CSE6601Advanced Database Systems
CSE6602High Dimensional Data Management
CSE6603Data Management in the Cloud
CSE6604Information and Social Networks
CSE6605Mobile Computing
CSE6701Neural Networks
CSE6702Mathematical Programming
CSE6703Petri Net Theory and Modeling of Systems
CSE6704Fuzzy Systems
CSE6706Advanced Digital Image Processing
CSE6707Image Retrieval
CSE6708Semantic Web
CSE6801Distributed Computing Systems
CSE6802Multimedia Systems
CSE6803Computer Graphics and Animation
CSE6804Computer Communications and Networks-I
CSE6805Computer Communications and Networks-II
CSE6806Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks
CSE6807Elements of Cryptography
CSE6808Wireless Resource Management
CSE6809Distributed Search Techniques
CSE6810Multimedia Encoding
CSE6811Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
CSE6812Wireless Sensor Networks
CSE6813Network Security
CSE6814Cloud Security
CSE6815Biometric Security
CSE6900Special Topics Related to Computer Science and Engineering

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