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***Admission Open for Batch 23. Application Deadline is extended to April 05, 2019. Class will commence from April 07, 2019.***

Course: Standard Java Programming


Java is one of the most commonly used programming language globally and also in Bangladesh. Software development companies all over the world look for Java programmers. The platform independence and object-oriented structure makes it widely acceptable. The Standard Java Programming course offered from Information Access Center (IAC) provides theoretical and hands-on knowledge on Java. It starts with basic concepts and quickly moves to the advanced ones required to be a high quality and ready-for-industry software developer. The course will be helpful for the current students, fresh graduates and also for new software developers working in the industry.


  • To enrich the learners with the knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge of Java Programming Language.
  • To enable the learners use the advanced APIs and utility classes of Java.
  • To introduce network programming.

Outcome of the Learning

The students of this course will learn software development using java. It will also provide the foundation for learning Java based advanced frameworks such as J2EE and Android. We can identify the following areas where the java programmers could play the significant roles as programmers:
  • In the outsourcing firms which develops software for different platforms
  • The service organizations which provides services on Java platform
  • The financial organizations requires enterprise software and they require lots of java programmer to enable their services to the users
  • In the scientific community java is very much popular for doing simulation and visual representation. So the researchers must require the knowledge of java programming

Class Schedule

The course length will be 8 weeks with two classes in each week and 3 hours in each class. The lecture plan of the course is as follows:

Week# Module
1 Introduction, variable, function, control structure, loop, array, String
2 Object-oriented programming, polymorphism
3 Inheritance, interface
4 Exception handling, Files, directories, and streams
5 Multithreading
6 Collections, Utility classes, Swing
7 Swing, Event handling
8 Networking

Learning and Evaluation Method

  • The class room will be equipped with multimedia projector
  • The electronic document of class notes will be supplied
  • Two faculty members of CSE, BUET will be teaching during the demonstration in each class
  • Each student will get a PC to do proper practice and the class size will be not more than 30 students
  • There will be on line (during the classes) exams and offline (home work) assignments to solve practical problems
  • There will be quizzes in every week to evaluate the class performances of the last two classes.
  • A final exam will be held at the end of the course.

Further Query

Email: iac@cse.buet.ac.bd
Phone: 9665650-80 Ext-6438, mobile : 01552-015596