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***Admission Open for Batch 23. Application Deadline is extended to April 05, 2019. Class will commence from April 07, 2019.***

Course: Mobile Application Development in Android


Next generation computing highly focuses on mobile devices. Numerous mobile devices ranging from varieties of smartphones to tablet computers are now running on Android OS. Due to the openness of Android platform, application development in Android devices has become extremely popular in recent years. By realizing the huge potentials of this platform , Bangladesh Korea Information Access Center has designed a comprehensive course on mobile application development in Android.


  • To provide comprehensive knowledge on basic java programming
  • To build up the trainees as a successful Mobile Application Developer
  • To make the students familiar with Location based service
  • To introduce them with basic to advanced topics of Android

Outcome of the Learning

  • The students will learn how to develop applications for Android mobile devices
  • The students will be eligible for millions of jobs around the world
  • The students will be able to develop mobile applications with underlying database supports
  • The students will be able to develop mobile applications that can smartly communicate with a server applications
  • The students will be able to develop multimedia and location based applications for Android devices

Class Planning:

Week# Content
1 Android Overview
Java Overview
2 More on Java
3 Basic Building Blocks of an Android Application
Basic Android User Interface
4 Advanced Android User Interface
Review and Quiz
5 Advanced Android System Components
SQL Database
6 Networking
7 Multimedia and Content Providers in Android
8 Mapping and Location Based Services
9 Final Quiz

Detailed Course Content

Android Overview

Course objectives, Introduction to Android framework, Development environment, Android SDK overview, Create a Hello World application in Android

Java Overview

Object Oriented Concept, Java Basics: Data Types, Conditions, Loops, Arrays, Classes and Objects

More on Java

Inheritances, Basic GUIs, Multi-threading, Writing Java applications

Basic Building Blocks of an Android Application

Component introduction, Activity, life cycle, View, Intent, Project organization (directories), Manifest, Resource directories, Debugging an Android application

Basic Android User Interface

Layouts, Widgets: Button, TextView, Event listeners, SlidingDrawer, ScrollView, TabWidget, Screen size and screen orientation

Advanced Android User Interface

OptionMenu, CheckBox, DatePicker/TimePicker, ImageButton, ProgressBar, RadioGroup/RadioButton, Dialog:Alert, Custom, List, Radio

Advanced Android System Components

Context, Application, BroadcastReceiever, Threads (intro/review), Handlers/Loopers/Message Queues, Main UI Thread, AsyncTask, Services (Local and Remote)

SQL Database

Introduction to SQLite, Creating, opening, and closing a database, Working with inserts, updates, queries and deletes,


Network Services, HTTP review, REST, JSON/XML/HTTP, ConnectivityManager

Multimedia and Content Providers in Android

Simple media playback, Simple video playback, Content providers MIME types, Adding, changing, and removing content

Mapping and Location Based Services

Using location based services, Setting up your emulator with location based services, Creating Map-based activities

Learning and Evaluation Method

  • The class room will be equipped with multimedia projector
  • The electronic document of class notes will be supplied
  • Two faculty members of CSE, BUET will be teaching during the demonstration in each class
  • Each student will get a PC to do proper practice and the class size will be not more than 30 students
  • There will be on line (during the classes) exams and offline (home work) assignments to solve practical problems
  • There will be quizzes in every week to evaluate the class performances of the last two classes.
  • A final exam will be held at the end of the course.

Further Query

Email: iac@cse.buet.ac.bd
Phone: 9665650-80 Ext-6438, mobile : 01552-015596