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***Classes of 26th batch courses start on September 24, 2022***

Course Title: Business Analytics

Class Schedule

The course length will be 8 weeks with two classes in each week and 3 hours in each class. The lecture plan of the course is as follows:

Class# Content
1 Python Fundamentals (Environment setup, Variables, Loop, Array, Function, String, File)
2 Python Fundamentals for Data Analysis (Numpy, Pandas)
3 Data Handling - Loading, Preprocessing and Wrangling
4 Python Advanced for Data Analysis - Matplotlib, Seaborn
5 Exploratory Data Analysis, EDA - I Descriptive Statistics, GroupBy, Correlation Study
6 Data Visualization and EDA - II Histogram, Box Plot, KDE Plot, Violin Plot, Pairplot, Bar Plot, Pie Chart
Assignment 1 on Data Analysis (Preprocessing, EDA, Visualization)
7 Hypothesis Testing - 17 statistical tests for formulating, testing and validating hypothesis (using python)
8 Evaluation of Assignment 1
9 Single Variable Linear Regression and Multiple Regression
10 Trends and Sessionality Analysis, Time Series Analysis (ARIMA, RNN)
Assignment 2 on Hypothesis Testing and Regression Analysis
11 Machine Learning model development and evaluation using Scikit-Learn
12 Case Study 1 - Stock Analysis
13 Case Study 2 - Investment Study (Risk and Return)
14 Evaluation of Assignment 2
15 Excel Blitz - Analyzing business data in Excel
16 Final Exam

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