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***Admission open for the 28th batch of IAC Courses. Deadline September 12, 2023***

Course Title: Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

Class Schedule

The course length will be 8 weeks with two classes in each week and 3 hours in each class. The lecture plan of the course is as follows:

Class# Content
1 Introduction to ML
Python Basics (Environment setup, Variables, Loop, Array)
2 Decision Tree
Assignment 1 on Decision Tree
3 Python Basics (Function, Recursion, String, File)
4 Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
5 Python Basics (List, Dictionary, Numpy)
6 Naive Bayes
KNN, Text modeling
7 Python Advanced (Pandas, Matplotlib)
Introduction to scikit-learn
8 Evaluation of Machine Learning Models
(Cross-validation, overfitting, learning curve, over sampling/under sampling, etc.)
9 Assignment 1 Evaluation
10 SVM
Ensemble Learning
11 Assignment 2 (on KNN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Regression)
12 Unsupervised Learning
13 Python Advanced (SciPy, Seaborn)
Intro to WEKA
14 Introduction to ANN
15 Assignment 2 Evaluation
16 Final Exam

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