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***Admission Open for Batch 23. Application Deadline is extended to April 05, 2019. Class will commence from April 07, 2019.***

Course: Quick Web Development


Web Development has become a core technology in the present internet and web dominated society. The "Building blocks to quick web development" course offered by IAC, BUET mainly concentrates on the techniques and methodologies for quick web development where the professionals will be provided with the opportunity to build up skills in designing a highly professional, lucrative and interactive web page and also get a detailed knowledge about web design using CMS( Content Management System) tools without taking the burden of large back-end coding.


  • To get a clear concept on raw html and CSS.
  • To be familiar with html5 and CSS3, the up-to-date technology.
  • To secure the website and to make it more interactive with the features of JavaScript and JQuery.
  • To learn to use Dynamic html.
  • To develop skills in CMS tools like Wordpress, Joomla etc and.
  • To develop a website rapidly using the CMS tools by writing fewer lines of codes.

Outcome of the Learning

Students completing this course successfully will be able to -
  • Design a highly professional, interactive and dynamic website in a short time.
  • Enriched with the knowledge of working with the latest technologies like html5 and CSS3
  • Design a reasonable, marketable and professional website quickly using the CMS tools.

Class Planning

The course length will be 8 weeks with two classes in each week and 3 hours in each class. The lecture plan of the course is as follows:
Week# Content
2 CSS and CSS3
Review Quiz
3 Javascript and DOM
Project Distribution
Review Quiz
4 Jquery and DHTML
5 Midterm Exam
Project Evaluation
6CMS and Introduction to Wordpress
7Design using Wordpress
8Design using Joomla
Review Quiz
9Term Final Exam

Detailed Course Content


HTML Basic, Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Formatting, Links, Images, Tables, Lists, Blocks, Layout, Forms, Colors, Color names, Color values, DOCTYPE, Head, Scripts, Entities, URLs, URL Encode, Web server.


XHTML Introduction, Elements, Attributes


HTML5 Introduction, New Elements, Video, Video/DOM, Audio, Drag and Drop, Canvas, SVG, Canvas vs. SVG, Input Types, Form Elements, Form Attributes.


CSS Introduction, Syntax, Id & Class, Styling: Backgrounds, Text, Fonts, Links, Lists, Tables. Box Model: Border, Outline, Margin, Padding. Advanced: Grouping/Nesting, Dimension, Display, Positioning, Floating, Align, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element, Navigation Bar, Image Gallery, Image Opacity


CSS3 Introduction, Borders, Backgrounds, Text Effects, Fonts, 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, Transitions, Animations, Multiple Columns, User Interface.


Javascripts Basics: Introduction, Statements, Comments, Variables, Operators, Comparisons, If...Else, Switch, Popup Boxes, Functions, For Loop, While Loop, Break Loops, For...In, Events, Try...Catch, Throw, Special Text. Objects: Objects Introduction, String, Date, Array, Boolean, Math, RegExp. Advanced: Validation, Timing.


What is the DOM?, DOM Nodes, Node Parents, Children, and Siblings, HTML DOM Properties, HTML DOM Methods, Navigating Node Relationships, HTML DOM - Change HTML Elements.


jQuery Introduction, Syntax, Selectors, Events, Effects, Callback, HTML,CSS


DHTML Introduction, JavaScript, HTML DOM, Events, CSS.


Introduction to Blogging,WordPress Semantics, Images in Wordpress, Post Formats, Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories, Using Smilies, Links Manager, WordPress Feeds, Customizing Feeds, Gravatars in WordPress, Writing Code in Posts, Password Protection. Design: Colour Scheme, Designing Headers, CSS Horizontal Menus, Dynamic Menu Highlighting, Good Navigation Links, Next and Previous Links, Styling for Print, Formatting Date and Time, Styling Lists with CSS, Designing Headings, Fonts, Favicon. Theme development.


Joomla: edit an Article, create a new Article, adding links to other pages, adding a table, adding a picture, splitting a long article, Manipulating and publishing Articles using the Front-end. Background: Back-end, controlling user access to a Joomla Site, design the content, Categories, design appearance using Menus and Modules, design appearance using default Templates, setting up a Joomla Site, Administration of a Joomla site.

Learning and Evaluation Method

  • The class room will be equipped with the multimedia projector
  • The electronic document of class notes will be supplied
  • Two faculty members of CSE, BUET will be teaching during the demonstration in each class
  • Each student will get a PC to do proper practice and the class size will be not more than 35 students
  • There will be on line (during the classes) exams and offline (home work) assignments to solve practical problems
  • There will be quizzes in every week to evaluate the class performances of the last two classes.
  • A final exam will be held at the end of the course.

Further Query

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