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  Public Notices:

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5 Jul 2021Notice regarding NID
1 Jul 2021Notice regarding vaccine
2 Nov 2020Office order
2 Nov 2020Office order
2 Nov 2020Office order
19 Oct 2020Notice regarding feedback
19 Oct 2020Notification regarding filing of income tax return
19 Oct 2020Wenhui Award
19 Oct 2020Notice regarding Identity Card
6 Oct 2020UG Exam. Committee 2020
6 Oct 2020Doa mahfil on the occasion of the 1st death anniversary of A
29 Sep 2020House Loan Notice
31 Aug 2020NOTICE for CASR related online submission, web portal
20 Aug 2020Scholarship
13 Jul 2020Festival Allowance
8 Mar 2020Hi-Profile ICT Scholar Fellowship
8 Mar 2020Notice on the date and time of the thesis-oral examination
7 Mar 2020Bangabandhu Inter Faculty T20 Cricket Tournament
25 Feb 2020Turkeye Scholarships
25 Feb 2020Fellowship Notice
25 Feb 2020Teachers Association General Meeting
19 Feb 2020Special Emergency Notice to Stop Ragging
10 Feb 2020UG Academic Calendar (Corrected) January 2020
5 Feb 2020Purchase of books from the financial year 2018-2019 of the C
2 Feb 2020Annual Hall Fees
26 Jan 2020BUET Alumni Reunion 2020
26 Jan 2020Group A reorganizes its housing distribution committee
26 Jan 2020UG Academic Calendar January 2020
26 Jan 2020October 2019 Semester Academic Calendar (PG)
19 Jan 2020Recruitment Notice
14 Jan 2020January 2019 Term Final Exam Grade Sent
13 Jan 2020Annual Feast
8 Jan 2020January 2019 Term Final Exam Grade Sent
7 Jan 2020Notice of Education Assistance Allowance
29 Dec 2019BASIS SOFTEXPO 2020
17 Dec 2019Agreement-MoU Committee
17 Dec 2019Income tax Notice
14 Dec 2019Winter Vacation
11 Dec 2019Income tax letter
11 Dec 2019Income tax letter
8 Dec 2019Invitation of Research Proposals
8 Dec 2019Disciplining Action
8 Dec 2019Victory Day Notice
8 Dec 2019Martyrs Intellectual Day Notice
4 Dec 2019Disciplining Action
23 Nov 2019Seminar on Computer-Aided Process Intensification Techniques
23 Nov 2019Teachers Association Election 2020
18 Nov 2019Purchase Notice of text / reference books
16 Nov 2019Home Allocation Notice
9 Nov 2019Engineering University Girls School and college Admission No
5 Nov 2019General Meeting
5 Nov 2019Notice of Dua Mahfil
3 Nov 2019Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
27 Oct 2019Notice, 2020 Admission of Engineering University School and
26 Oct 2019Request for sending nomination of 5 Young Scientists
19 Oct 2019Office Order
16 Oct 2019Urgent Notice
13 Oct 2019Instructions to Invigilators
13 Oct 2019Office Order
12 Oct 2019BUET students demand 5 points
12 Oct 2019Orientation Meeting
12 Oct 2019Notice regarding admission test
6 Oct 2019Notice
24 Sep 2019House Loan Notice
16 Sep 2019Notice(Examination of AMIE)
16 Sep 2019Hindu Community, Bonus.
15 Sep 2019University raging close notice
3 Sep 2019General meeting decesion
3 Sep 2019Research Fellowship
3 Sep 2019UGC Ph.D Fellowship Program
1 Sep 2019Urgent General Meeting
31 Aug 2019Station leave
26 Aug 2019Office Order
26 Aug 2019Thesis Proposal Copy
25 Aug 2019Office Order
24 Aug 2019Notice
19 Aug 2019Commonwealth Scholarship Notice
7 Aug 2019Supplementary Examination grade sheet Online & Hard copy Sub
5 Aug 2019Taxpayers notice
5 Aug 2019Eid-ul-Azha Jamat
4 Aug 2019Eid Vacation
23 Jul 2019Help for Flood
21 Jul 2019Eid Bonas
17 Jul 2019Notice(Supplementary Examination)
17 Jul 2019UGC Post Doctoral Fellowship Programme-2019
15 Jul 2019Scholarship Notice
15 Jul 2019Teachers & Officers Recruitment
14 Jul 20192019 UGC Research Project
9 Jul 2019Briefing Session
7 Jul 2019Regarding thesis oral test Proposal copy at postgraduate lev
7 Jul 2019Job advertisement for Utah group, email to
7 Jul 2019BRTC Bonas
26 Jun 2019A pen drive was found.
24 Jun 2019General Meeting
23 Jun 2019Rehabilitation of career support costs
18 Jun 2019Nomination for the workshop
15 Jun 2019Digital Transformation and Role of PKI
15 Jun 2019Home Allocation Notice
29 May 2019UG revised academic calendar of January 2019
29 May 2019Eid-ul-Fitre Jamat
29 May 2019Fulbright Foreign Student Program
29 May 2019Pension Payment Order
28 May 2019Regarding salary payment of May, 2019
26 May 2019Information
26 May 2019Eid Vacation
21 May 2019Annual Report
15 May 2019UGC calls for a research project proposal
13 May 2019Festival Allowance
13 May 2019Messages of condolence
11 May 2019January 2019 closed all academic classes in the term
7 May 2019Ramadans Office Schedule
5 May 2019Ramadans class schedule
5 May 2019Notice regarding stoppage of transport service from 5pm afte
30 Apr 2019Tarabhi Prayer Schedule
29 Apr 2019Invitation to the introductory program of the students of Le
21 Apr 2019Send grade sheets for all subjects of the semester exam of O
21 Apr 2019Details of the various responsibilities of honorarium purpos
17 Apr 2019Office Order
17 Apr 2019PG Academic Calendar April 2019 Semester
15 Apr 2019UG Academic Calendar Term January 2019
9 Apr 2019Notice
3 Apr 2019Office Order
3 Apr 2019UGC Gold Medal 2018
2 Apr 2019Bengali New Year Allowance
27 Mar 2019July, 2018 Term-Final Examination Grade Send
24 Mar 2019Wreath delivery on the occasion of the Great Independence Da
23 Mar 2019Magazine publishes the 40th anniversary of the BCS
23 Mar 2019Sub-Standard home rental notice
18 Mar 2019Notice that the Main Gate of Baksi Bazar Quarter was complet
18 Mar 2019Important notice regarding 11th convocation
12 Mar 2019Notification regarding stoppage of electricity
9 Mar 2019October 18 Semester PG Exam. Schedule
9 Mar 2019Term Final Exam. Notice
9 Mar 2019Do not keep any writing, irrelevant paper or any electronic
9 Mar 2019Keep photocopy of the Course Card & Identity Card
5 Mar 2019New Zealand Commonwealth Scholership-2019
5 Mar 2019Participation in the 11th Convocation 2019
23 Feb 2019Fellowship Notice
20 Feb 2019Regarding participation in science lectures
19 Feb 2019Great International Mother Language Day
19 Feb 2019Notice regarding suspension of gas supply
16 Feb 2019Invitation to nominate representatives for the 59th Conventi
16 Feb 2019Home Distribution Amended Notification
6 Feb 201911th convocation notice
26 Jan 2019Home Allocation Notice
23 Jan 2019Application for help for heart disease
22 Jan 2019BUET Alumni Reunion 2019
19 Jan 2019July 2018 Term Final Exam. Draft Programme
15 Jan 2019Notice regarding education allowance
14 Jan 2019Supplementary examination sends grade sheets
14 Jan 2019Teacher recruitment
5 Jan 2019Class test, Lab test
2 Jan 2019ICT Scholar Fellowship
18 Dec 2018Cash Assistance on Winters Delivery Program on behalf of BUE
11 Dec 2018Wreath delivery at National Memorial on the Victory Day
11 Dec 2018Wreaths at the National Memorial on Martyred Intellectuals D
11 Dec 2018Home Allocation Notice
11 Dec 2018Recruitment Notice
11 Dec 2018Victory day
11 Dec 2018Martyred Intellectuals Day
3 Dec 2018PG Registration Notice
26 Nov 2018Data Science Program II
14 Nov 2018Notice
12 Nov 2018Nomination for India Science and Research Fellowship
10 Nov 2018Notice
10 Nov 2018Annual Celebration
4 Nov 2018Mourning in death
30 Oct 2018Notice
28 Oct 2018Training Program
27 Oct 2018In the academic year 2019, internal students are admitted in
27 Oct 2018October 2018 Semester Academic Calendar
21 Oct 2018Notice
15 Oct 2018Notice
10 Oct 2018Reception
6 Oct 2018Notice
29 Sep 2018Urgent Notice
29 Sep 2018Orientation Program
22 Sep 2018National Conference
19 Sep 2018ICT Fellowship and Scholarship
19 Sep 2018Buy text-reference books
19 Sep 2018Urgent Notice
15 Sep 2018House Loan
10 Sep 2018Notice
9 Sep 2018Urgent Notice
9 Sep 2018Workshop
8 Sep 2018Income tax related notice
27 Aug 2018Office Order
20 Aug 2018Eid Jamat
18 Aug 2018January 2018 Term-Final Examination for Grade Send, Generate
14 Aug 2018Office Order
14 Aug 2018Eid Vacation
14 Aug 2018National Mourning Day
14 Aug 2018Buy text-reference books
12 Aug 2018Office Order
12 Aug 2018UGC PhD Fellowship Program 2018-19
11 Aug 2018TIN Certificate Purpose
11 Aug 2018Book List Pub-2017-2018
6 Aug 2018National Identity Card
4 Aug 2018Term Final Examination Schedule Notice
1 Aug 2018Notice
31 Jul 2018Power line purpose
30 Jul 2018Festival Allowance
30 Jul 2018Office Order
25 Jul 2018Allocation of TA-Fellowships for next two semesters
24 Jul 2018Scholarship purpose notice
18 Jul 2018Office Order
15 Jul 2018Publication List
15 Jul 2018Thesis Examination purpose
4 Jul 2018Post Doctoral Fellowship 2018
30 Jun 2018Seminar Notice
9 Jun 2018Eid Vacation
5 Jun 2018Happy married of Madhusudan Basak
2 Jun 2018Office Order
2 Jun 2018Higher education enhancement project
28 May 2018Notice
27 May 2018Office Order
26 May 2018Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
19 May 2018House Rent Notice
19 May 2018Environment Committee
19 May 2018Ramadan Month Class Schedule
19 May 2018Ramadan Month Office Schedule
19 May 2018Office Order
19 May 2018Recruitment Notice
13 May 2018House Allotment
13 May 2018Tarabhi Prayer Schedule
13 May 2018Nitimala Review Purpose
9 May 2018Online requisition system
7 May 2018Scholarship and Research
7 May 2018Inter-Institutional Agreement Purpose
30 Apr 2018House Allotment
25 Apr 2018ICT Fellowship and Scholarship
24 Apr 2018House rent notice
23 Apr 2018Repayment bill purpose
22 Apr 2018BRTC Notice
22 Apr 2018Income tax related notice
17 Apr 2018Income tax related notice
17 Apr 2018BAUET Tech Fair-2K18
9 Apr 2018House Allotment
4 Apr 2018Childrens painting competition - 1425
4 Apr 2018Graduate Scholarship Program
2 Apr 2018UGC research project 2018
2 Apr 2018Bengali New Year Allowance
1 Apr 2018April 2018 semester academic calendar(PG)
1 Apr 2018Innovative Asia Scholarship Program
21 Mar 2018Advisor name list
21 Mar 2018Notice
19 Mar 2018Cultural program
18 Mar 2018Cultural Program
11 Mar 2018July 2017 Term Final Exam Grade sheet, Result purpose
11 Mar 2018BUET Internet purpose notice
11 Mar 2018January 2018 Term Academic Calendar
11 Mar 2018BUET Internet purpose notice
10 Mar 2018TWIMC
5 Mar 2018Recruitment Notice
3 Mar 2018UGC Award 2017
3 Mar 2018Doa Mahfil
24 Feb 2018Certification Program on ISO 14001
20 Feb 2018UGC PhD Fellowship
19 Feb 2018IEB Call for papers
18 Feb 2018Special Time Extension
17 Feb 201821st February
10 Feb 2018Prokaushal Bishwabidyalay Club Election 2018
31 Jan 2018House Allotment
30 Jan 2018Condolence Message
28 Jan 2018Invitation of Thesis-Research Proposals
23 Jan 2018New rate for electricity
20 Jan 2018Coordinate the construction, repair, supply, advance bills
20 Jan 2018Reimbursement
20 Jan 2018IT deduction for honourium
9 Jan 2018Education Assistance Allowance
31 Dec 2017Representative nomination
12 Dec 2017Victory Day: Discussion Session
29 Nov 2017Doa Mahfil@Central Mosque
21 Nov 2017Vacancy Notice
21 Nov 2017PG Thesis Submission to Library
21 Nov 2017Notice
21 Nov 2017Digital World-2017
13 Nov 2017UGC Post Doctoral Fellowship 2017
12 Nov 2017E-TIN & TAX Submission
7 Nov 2017New admission / attachment
7 Nov 2017Security related to the University
5 Nov 2017BUET Girl School Internal Admission
2 Nov 2017Office Order
30 Oct 2017NOC Form Purpose
30 Oct 2017Pocket Dairy 2018
29 Oct 2017BUET School Internal Admission
29 Oct 2017Part-time Web Developer
29 Oct 2017Conference Funding Form and Check list
21 Oct 2017Short Research Visit
21 Oct 2017In Term Supplementary Exam.
21 Oct 2017Graduate Supplementary Exam.
18 Oct 2017Form for NOC for Passport
17 Oct 2017Civil Seminar Room
16 Oct 2017Seminar
15 Oct 2017Time extension
11 Oct 2017Instructions to Invigilators
10 Oct 2017Notice
2 Oct 2017Purchase Committee
25 Sep 2017Home Allotment
23 Sep 2017UGC Research Proposal 2017
23 Sep 2017Classes Suspended on 27-9-2017
20 Sep 2017No Electricity
20 Sep 2017Possible Internet disruption on 22-9-2017
20 Sep 2017Online requisition system
18 Sep 2017October 2017 semester Academic Calendar (PG)
17 Sep 2017Short Course at DCE on PPA-2006 and PPR-2008
16 Sep 2017UGC research proposal 2017
16 Sep 2017Home Allotment
16 Sep 2017Bonus (Durga Puja)
16 Sep 2017TAX Return
29 Aug 2017July 2017 Academic Calendar
27 Aug 2017Book Acquisition at Central Library
27 Aug 2017BIIS Server Outage
27 Aug 2017Eid Jamat
23 Aug 2017House Loan
23 Aug 2017Eid Vacation
13 Aug 2017Notice
13 Aug 2017Online requisition system
13 Aug 2017Doa Mahfil
7 Aug 2017Notice for Graduate Complex
6 Aug 2017Notice
2 Aug 2017Emergency Plumbing Duty
23 Jul 2017Scholarship from "Employees Benevolent Fund"
11 Jul 2017Chikungunia and Dengue
5 Jul 2017Smart Card
4 Jul 2017Office order
21 Jun 2017Eid-ul-Fitre Prayer Schedule
17 Jun 2017Eid Vacation
16 Jun 2017Extension Notice regarding Options f
14 Jun 2017Internet disruptions
10 Jun 2017Grade 1, 2, 3 Professors
6 Jun 2017Festive Bonus
3 Jun 2017Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2017
30 May 2017Application for Room Allotment
30 May 2017Office order
27 May 2017Transport Service Suspended after 5:00 PM during Ramadan
27 May 2017Ramadan Office Schedule
27 May 2017Taraweeh, Fazr and Magrib Jamat
27 May 2017Ramadan Class Schedule
23 May 2017Revised PG routine for Holly Ramadan
17 May 2017Inconsistent advances
16 May 2017Ramadan Class Schedule
8 May 2017Notice
18 Apr 2017Possible Load Shading
18 Apr 2017Possible Load Shading
16 Apr 2017Notice for House and Grage
1 Apr 2017Notice
1 Apr 2017Office order
1 Apr 2017Office order
1 Apr 2017Office order
1 Apr 2017ICB Letter
1 Apr 2017Notice
20 Mar 2017PG Grade Submission deadline
15 Mar 2017Re-Registration Fee for time extension (PG)
13 Mar 2017IT deduction from Pay Roll and Return
13 Mar 2017April-2017 Postgraduate Semester
12 Mar 2017Birthday of the father of the nation
5 Mar 2017Seminar
27 Feb 2017Seminar
22 Feb 2017Urgent Notice
22 Feb 2017Applications for the Ph.D Program 2017-18
21 Feb 2017Form for Application to BUGS
20 Feb 2017Academic Calendar January 2017
19 Feb 2017UGC Award 2016
13 Feb 2017Office order
11 Feb 2017PG Exam Routine: October 2016
6 Feb 2017Thesis Submission at the Central Library
4 Feb 2017Academic Calendar January 2017
31 Jan 2017Water Pump
31 Jan 2017IT deduction from Pay Roll and Return
29 Jan 2017Teachers career opportunity
21 Jan 2017Notice for House and Garrage
18 Jan 2017Picture and Short Biography purpose
14 Jan 2017Grade sheet distribution schedule
9 Jan 2017Exam Invigilation Related
3 Jan 2017NSysS 2017 Notice
3 Jan 2017CSE 400 (Project/Thesis)
1 Jan 2017Pay Scale for Lecturers
18 Dec 2016Carreer Talk
11 Dec 2016E-mail Server Maintenance
11 Dec 2016Online Feedback
10 Dec 2016IEB Award 2016
5 Dec 2016Change of Holiday
3 Dec 2016Make up class
26 Nov 2016Message of Condolence
22 Nov 2016BRTC Purpose Notice
14 Nov 2016Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Advanced Robotics
12 Nov 2016Internal Students Admission at BUET School
9 Nov 2016Office order for TA
9 Nov 2016Supplementary Exam Grade Submission
9 Nov 2016Reading & Browzing @ Library
8 Nov 2016Regarding Scholarships
6 Nov 2016Admission in BUET Girls School
25 Oct 2016Interest Rate
19 Oct 2016Postgraduate Courses to be offered in October 2016 Semester
18 Oct 2016Class and Lab usage Restriction due to Admission Test
18 Oct 2016Regarding Absent Students
18 Oct 2016UG Admission Test
17 Oct 2016BdREN Virtual Classroom at IICT
3 Oct 2016Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2016
5 Sep 2016Eid-ul-Adha prayer schedule
5 Sep 2016Eid-ul-Adha Leave
3 Sep 2016Postgraduate Academic Calendar
3 Sep 2016Urgent Notice
30 Aug 2016Seminar on PG studies at IITs
27 Aug 2016Supplementary Exam
27 Aug 2016Self Study Course
22 Aug 2016E-mail Server purpose
20 Aug 2016Academic Calendar July 2016
19 Aug 2016Post-Graduate Exam Routine
17 Aug 2016Income tax purpose notice
17 Aug 2016Eid Bonus
17 Aug 2016Eid Bonus
16 Aug 2016Theory and Sessional Course Purpose
16 Aug 2016Notice for House, Room and Garrage
3 Aug 2016Office Order
30 Jul 2016Conference Fund Increased
27 Jul 2016House Loan
25 Jul 2016Human Ties Program
19 Jul 2016Notice
10 Jul 2016Plumber Overtime Duty Schedule
10 Jul 2016Plumber Duty Schedule
10 Jul 20162016 calls for a research project by the UGC
10 Jul 2016Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program invites applications for 20
28 Jun 2016Eid-ul-Fitre Leave
27 Jun 2016Eid-ul Fitre Prayer Schedule
19 Jun 2016Vice Chancellor - in charge
19 Jun 2016Urgent Notice
19 Jun 2016Festival Allowance
7 Jun 2016DAERS Vehicle Requisition Service
1 Jun 2016Ramadan Office Schedule
30 May 2016Ph.D. Fellowship
24 May 2016Undergraduate Academic Calendar (Revised)
24 May 2016Undergraduate Academic Calendar (Revised)
11 May 2016M.Sc. Duty list
4 May 2016M.Sc. Duty list
3 May 2016Notice
2 May 2016World Telecommunication Information Society Day 2016
30 Apr 2016M.Sc. Duty
25 Apr 2016Notice
20 Apr 2016Lab Duty
11 Apr 2016Invitation of Thesis Research Proposals
10 Apr 2016Notice
6 Apr 2016caution notice
3 Apr 2016Masters or a doctoral degree program
3 Apr 2016Regarding Placing Poster-Notice on the White-boards
3 Apr 2016Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering
3 Apr 2016Bangla New Year Bonus
3 Apr 2016Academy Awards in Science and Technology
22 Mar 2016Call for Application BdREN Overseas Fellowship
16 Mar 2016List of Self Study Courses, Special (Regular) Courses, Janua
13 Mar 2016Publication requirement for CASR research project approval
8 Mar 2016Special Issue Invitation
8 Mar 2016Postgraduate Academic Calendar
27 Feb 2016Supplementary Exam.
24 Feb 2016Dhaka Ahasania Mission
24 Feb 2016Email Server Change
16 Feb 2016BPGS Exam. Schedule
16 Feb 2016Agreement
15 Feb 2016National Hackathon 2016
14 Feb 2016New Syllabus of CSE Dept.
14 Feb 2016Contents for the new BUET Website
14 Feb 2016UGC Award 2015
10 Feb 2016Notice
10 Feb 2016UGC Award 2015
10 Feb 2016Safety of Water Transports in BD Water Ways
10 Feb 2016Irregular Students Grade purpose
10 Feb 2016Invitation of Thesis Research Proposals
7 Feb 2016Notice for House Room and Grage
6 Feb 2016Exam purpose notice
6 Feb 2016Notice
6 Feb 2016Postgraduate Examinations
3 Feb 2016Postgraduate Academic Calander
2 Feb 2016Photocopy Charge purpose
30 Jan 2016M. Phil and PhD. Program
30 Jan 2016Name of test of BUET Medical Center
30 Jan 2016New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships-2016
26 Jan 201617th International Mathematics Chemistry and Statistics Olym
26 Jan 2016Level-Term Correction Academic Calander
26 Jan 2016Grade Sheet distribution schedule
26 Jan 2016Call for Papers
25 Jan 2016Level-Term Academic Calander
25 Jan 2016Job Circular
19 Jan 2016BRTC Notice
16 Jan 2016Notice
11 Jan 2016European Union Delegation to Bangladesh
5 Jan 2016MSc. Class Purpose Notice
2 Jan 2016Exam. Committee Meeting
26 Dec 2015Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
26 Dec 2015Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
22 Dec 2015Notice
22 Dec 2015Notice
21 Dec 2015Doa Mahfil
21 Dec 2015BUET Alumni Association
21 Dec 2015Notice
21 Dec 2015Pettycash Purpose
19 Dec 2015Final Programme for the Examination
14 Dec 2015IEEE International WIE-CON 2015
14 Dec 2015Office Order
14 Dec 2015ADR Purpose
14 Dec 20152016 Erasmus Programme
12 Dec 2015BUET Teacher Association Election
12 Dec 2015India Science and Research Fellowship Programme
12 Dec 2015NSysS 2016 Registration
12 Dec 2015BUET Alumni Association
1 Dec 2015The Seventh Round of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
1 Dec 2015Notice
1 Dec 2015High Impact Research in Engineering
28 Nov 2015Postgraduate Academic Calendar
28 Nov 2015Academic Session Review Committe Meeting
26 Nov 2015Make Up Class Purpose
21 Nov 2015Moodle and E-mail account for PG Student
18 Nov 20151st Bangladesh Electronics Olympiad
18 Nov 2015Grand Reunion 2016
18 Nov 2015House Loan
15 Nov 2015UGC Office Address Change
15 Nov 2015Teachers career opportunity
15 Nov 2015Call for Papers
15 Nov 20157th Dhaka South Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad
15 Nov 2015Notice
15 Nov 2015BRTC Notice
14 Nov 2015Notice
14 Nov 2015Call for Papers
14 Nov 2015Central Library Book List
10 Nov 2015Engineering University School and College Admission Notice
10 Nov 2015Engineering University Girls School Admission Notice
9 Nov 2015Contribution of articles for the Journal
9 Nov 2015Office Order
7 Nov 2015Nomination of 10 Young Scientists
4 Nov 2015Supplementary Grade Sheet
4 Nov 2015Invitation to Japan Robot Exhibition iREX 2015
4 Nov 2015Course Registration-Enrollment
3 Nov 2015Notice
2 Nov 2015Notice
1 Nov 2015Call for Articles-Reviews
1 Nov 2015Information of World Engineering Conference and Convention 2
1 Nov 2015Office Order
1 Nov 2015Notice
1 Nov 2015Nomination of 10 Young Scientists
1 Nov 201519th International Mathematics Conference
25 Oct 2015Nomination of 10 Young Scientists
14 Oct 2015Admission Test Purpose
12 Oct 2015Admission Test Notice
12 Oct 2015Online Registration
12 Oct 2015Invitation of Thesis Research Proposals
12 Oct 2015Notice
11 Oct 2015Notice
6 Oct 2015VC Cup Inter Faculty Football Competition 2015
6 Oct 2015Online Registration
6 Oct 2015Level Term Academic Calendar
6 Oct 2015April 2015 Semester Grade sheet Purpose
23 Sep 2015India Science and Research Fellowship
23 Sep 2015Academy Awards in Science and Technology
22 Sep 2015KDI School
22 Sep 2015Supplementary Exam
20 Sep 2015Urgent Notice
20 Sep 2015Rental Library Notice
20 Sep 2015Eid-ul-Azha Prayer Time
19 Sep 2015Eid-ul-Azha Leave
19 Sep 2015Requisition Form for Books
19 Sep 2015Introduction to Nuclear Power Reactors
15 Sep 2015BUET PABX Number Change
12 Sep 2015Shuttle Service
12 Sep 2015Notice
12 Sep 2015Main Sub-Station-2 and 3 PFI Maintenance
12 Sep 2015India Science and Research Fellowship
12 Sep 2015Academy Awards in Science and Technology
2 Sep 2015Citizen Science and Participatory Action Research
1 Sep 2015Short Courses on Embedded System Design and Development
1 Sep 2015Pocket Diary 2016
31 Aug 2015Visiting Researcher Program 2016-2018
30 Aug 2015UG Student Registration Purpose
25 Aug 2015Proposal Writing Purpose
25 Aug 2015Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering purpose resulation
25 Aug 2015Fulbright Scholarship
23 Aug 2015Going Global 2016
23 Aug 2015October 2015 Semester Academic Calendar
19 Aug 2015Apply for ITEC SCAAP course
11 Aug 2015Academic Council Resolution
10 Aug 2015Urgent Notice
9 Aug 2015Vice-Chancellor Duty Leave
9 Aug 2015Term Final Exam. Grade Sheet Result Sheet Time Schedule
9 Aug 2015Office Order
9 Aug 2015IDB Prize for Science and Technology 1437H
4 Aug 2015Sessional Grade
3 Aug 2015BRTC Purpose Notice
1 Aug 2015Scholarship Purpose
29 Jul 2015Exam Purpose Notice
29 Jul 2015DAERS Office Notice
26 Jul 2015Proposal for JSPS UGC Joint Research Project
14 Jul 2015Notice
14 Jul 2015Postgraduate Correction Academic Calendar
14 Jul 2015Level Term Recorrection Academic Calendar
14 Jul 2015Urgent Notice
14 Jul 2015Eid-ul-Fitre Leave
7 Jul 2015PDPP DPP Project
7 Jul 2015Eid-ul Fitre Salat Schedule
7 Jul 2015Concrete Spalling purpose
28 Jun 2015Semester Jam Bonus
28 Jun 2015Scholarship Purpose
28 Jun 2015Emergency Notice
27 Jun 2015Exam. Committee
27 Jun 2015Eid Bonus
27 Jun 201516th International Mathematics Olympiad
24 Jun 2015Invigilator Information
23 Jun 2015Transport Service Purpose
23 Jun 2015Office Order
21 Jun 2015Ramjan month class schedule
20 Jun 2015BRTC Distribution Purpose
17 Jun 2015NST Fellowship
17 Jun 2015Central Library Time Schedule
15 Jun 2015Ramjan month salat schedule
15 Jun 2015Office Order
15 Jun 2015Course Registration Form
15 Jun 2015Mrs. Sultana Begum Award
15 Jun 2015Ramadan Month Office Schedule
15 Jun 2015Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2015
8 Jun 2015Condolence of Sabekunnahar Sony
7 Jun 2015Purchase Related Condition
7 Jun 2015Post Doctoral Fellowship Program 2015
7 Jun 2015Incentive Bonus for Extra Class
7 Jun 2015Coordinated Research Project
7 Jun 2015Advance Purpose
6 Jun 2015Level Term Recorrection Academic Calendar
6 Jun 2015Session Review Committee
2 Jun 2015Post Doctoral Fellowship Program 2015
2 Jun 2015Proposals for the Meeting of the CASR
1 Jun 2015Advance Bill Purpose
24 May 2015National Programming Contest
23 May 2015Notice
23 May 2015Short Course
23 May 2015Office order
18 May 2015BAS Gold Medal Awards
16 May 2015Shuttle Service
13 May 2015CSE_Festival_2015_Program_Schedule
12 May 2015Research Project 2015
11 May 2015Water pump change
11 May 2015Exam. Duty Bill
9 May 2015Level Term correction academic calendar
9 May 2015BCSIR Application purpose
4 May 2015Nomination
4 May 2015Sessional Class
4 May 2015Session Review Committee Resoulation
29 Apr 2015Electricity purpose
26 Apr 2015UNESCO Nomination Purpose
26 Apr 2015April 2015 Semester Correction Academic Calendar
23 Apr 2015Class Test Routine revised on 21 Apr 2015
22 Apr 2015October 2014 semester gradesheet
18 Apr 2015Postgraduate Academic Calendar
18 Apr 2015CASR Meeting
18 Apr 2015Notice
12 Apr 2015Studentship Status
8 Apr 2015October 2014 gradesheet distribution
8 Apr 2015Electricity purpose
8 Apr 2015Exam Committee 2015
1 Apr 2015SSC HSC Marksheet and Certificate Purpose
31 Mar 2015Shuttle Service
30 Mar 2015Notice
25 Mar 2015Fulbright Foreign Student Program
24 Mar 2015Shuttle Service
23 Mar 2015Masters and PhD Program Admission
23 Mar 2015Higher Education Purpose
22 Mar 2015Class Test
21 Mar 2015Offering graduate and post graduate programs
21 Mar 2015BPATC Course
14 Mar 2015Class Test
14 Mar 2015Level Term Academic Calendar
14 Mar 2015Financial Support Fund
10 Mar 2015New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships 2015
4 Mar 2015Supplementary Exam. Purpose
4 Mar 2015Office Order
2 Mar 2015October 2014 Semester Exam Schedule
2 Mar 2015Notice for House and Room
2 Mar 2015Equity and Merit Scholarships
1 Mar 2015UGC Award 2014
25 Feb 2015Invitation of Thesis-Research Proposals
23 Feb 2015Session review committee meeting resolution
23 Feb 2015NMST
23 Feb 2015Education Help Allowance
23 Feb 2015Course Registration
23 Feb 2015Celebration of World Environment Day
22 Feb 2015Urgent Notice
15 Feb 2015October 2014 semester correction academic calendar
15 Feb 2015AIT Scholarship-Fellowship
7 Feb 2015BdREN Project Contact Person
7 Feb 2015Urgent Notice - correction
7 Feb 2015Urgent Notice
4 Feb 2015Level Term Academic Calendar
4 Feb 2015okokokokok
28 Jan 2015Nuruzzaman help for Treatment
26 Jan 2015Invitation of Thesis-Research Proposals for the meeting of t
26 Jan 2015Income Tax Ordinance 1984
17 Jan 2015Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
14 Jan 2015Revised Programme`
13 Jan 2015Donation or Gift Purpose
11 Jan 2015Grand Reunion 2015 - Correction Copy
10 Jan 2015Grand Reunion 2015
7 Jan 2015Term Final Revised Programme
6 Jan 2015Urgent Notice
6 Jan 2015Teachers Appreciation Workshop
6 Jan 2015HEQEP Project
3 Jan 2015Notice for House and Room
30 Dec 2014Research and Development Project Information
30 Dec 2014Eid-E-Miladunnobi Doa Mahfil
30 Dec 2014BIIS Purpose
29 Dec 201412 Digit e-TIN
20 Dec 2014ECE Bhaban Canteen Purpose
15 Dec 2014Teachers Lab purpose
14 Dec 2014Computer Part-Service Support
14 Dec 2014Bangabondu Fellowship on Science and ICT Project
10 Dec 2014Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
9 Dec 2014Korean Government Scholarship Program 2015
9 Dec 2014Executive GIS Course 2014
7 Dec 2014Session review committee meeting resolution
7 Dec 2014Urgent Notice
6 Dec 2014Result grade sheet distribution schedule
3 Dec 2014Information of Invigilator
26 Nov 2014Information and Technology Research Fellowship
26 Nov 2014Short Course on Project Management-Computer based Approach
24 Nov 2014Regular Faculty Positions and Visiting Faculty Programmes
19 Nov 2014Urgent Notice 19-11-14
18 Nov 2014Engineering University Girls School Admission 2015
17 Nov 2014Urgent Notice for Admission Test 2014-2015
17 Nov 2014Urgent Notice
17 Nov 2014Invigilators Orientation Program
17 Nov 2014Instructions to Invigilators
13 Nov 2014HEQEP Project
10 Nov 2014UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science 2015
10 Nov 2014Engineering University School and College Admission 2015
5 Nov 2014Admission and Scholarship opportunity in DGIST
5 Nov 2014Postgraduate Registration Schedule
5 Nov 2014National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
5 Nov 2014Make up class purpose
5 Nov 20142015 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Awards
25 Oct 2014Undergraduate Program Correction Academic Calendar
18 Oct 2014PG Registration Process
18 Oct 2014BRTC Purpose
18 Oct 2014Academy Awards in Science and Technology
14 Oct 2014IAC 13th Batch Duty
14 Oct 2014CCNA 15th Batch
14 Oct 2014Academic session review committee meeting
13 Oct 2014Commonwealth Academic Scholarship 2015
13 Oct 2014Server Duty Register
11 Oct 2014Supplementary Exam Grade Sheet
11 Oct 2014Czech Government Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students
30 Sep 2014Income Tax Purpose
30 Sep 2014Eid ul Azha Salat Schedule
24 Sep 2014House Loan
24 Sep 2014Condolence of Professor Dr. A. K. M. Jahir Uddin Chowdhury
23 Sep 2014Office order regarding leave of Mr. Md. Iqbal Hossain
22 Sep 2014October 2014 Semester Academic Calendar
21 Sep 2014Server Duty
16 Sep 2014Eid Bonus
16 Sep 2014Requisition form for Books
16 Sep 2014Requisitoin form for Books
15 Sep 2014Notice-BestThesisAward2014
14 Sep 2014Book List 2013-2014
14 Sep 2014BRTC Distribution
10 Sep 2014BANSDOC
6 Sep 2014MLSS Duty
6 Sep 2014Lab Roaster July,2014
6 Sep 2014Lab Maintenance
6 Sep 2014MLSS Duty
6 Sep 2014MSc Exam April,14
6 Sep 2014Duty Roaster July,2014
6 Sep 2014Lab Maintenance
30 Aug 2014Invitation to the World Forum 2014
30 Aug 2014Teachers Name List
30 Aug 2014Research Purpose
30 Aug 2014Sessional Class Evaluation
30 Aug 2014Student Class Attendance
26 Aug 2014Exam. Bill Purpose
26 Aug 2014Discussion Seminar
25 Aug 2014Notice for Prokaushal Bishwabidyalay Club
25 Aug 2014Income Tex Purpose
25 Aug 2014Condolence of Professor Dr. Md. Anwarul Azim
25 Aug 2014Notice for House Room and Garrage
24 Aug 2014Computer Parts Service Support
24 Aug 2014Supplementary Exam
23 Aug 2014Pocket Diary 2015
20 Aug 2014April 2014 Semester Examination Schedule
20 Aug 2014Science and Technology Project 2014 15
19 Aug 2014Scholarship
19 Aug 2014Journal Publication
19 Aug 2014Map of Ocean area of Bangladesh
18 Aug 2014NAPD Research
16 Aug 2014Notice for House Room and Garrage
16 Aug 2014Notice for House, Room and Garrage
11 Aug 2014Supplementary Exam
6 Aug 2014Doa Mahfil
23 Jul 2014Urgent Notice
23 Jul 2014Hall Purpose Notice
22 Jul 2014Condolence of Dr. M. A. Motin
21 Jul 2014Nomination for JSPS RONPAKU Program for FY 2015
19 Jul 2014Eid-ul-Fitre Leave
19 Jul 2014BRTC Bonus Correction order
15 Jul 2014Undergraduate Late Registration Notice
9 Jul 2014BRTC Bonus
9 Jul 2014Eid Bonus
8 Jul 2014Application for helping for treatment
8 Jul 2014Application for helping for tritment
8 Jul 2014Doa Mahfil
8 Jul 2014Pump driver duty schedule
7 Jul 2014Plamber Duty Schedule
7 Jul 2014Plamber Duty Schedule
7 Jul 2014BRTC Distribution
6 Jul 2014AI Robotics Lab Data purpose
5 Jul 2014Account update
1 Jul 2014Ramazan Month Undergraduate Postgraduate Class Schedule
1 Jul 2014Ramazan Month Undergraduate, Postgraduate Class Schedule
24 Jun 2014Ramazan Month Prayer Time Schedule
24 Jun 2014Invitation of Thesis Research Proposals for the Meeting of t
24 Jun 2014User Name and Password Change
23 Jun 2014Ramazan Month Office Schedule
23 Jun 2014Name Correction Fee
23 Jun 2014MIST Journal of Science and Technology
22 Jun 2014Ramazan Purpose
18 Jun 2014Annual Hall Fees
15 Jun 2014Global Human Rights Commission
15 Jun 2014Central Library about book return
9 Jun 2014April 2014 Semester Postgraduate Academic Calendar
9 Jun 2014April 2014 Semester Academic Calendar (Postgraduate)
9 Jun 2014Level Term Academic Calendar
9 Jun 2014Level Term Academic Calander
3 Jun 2014Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme
3 Jun 2014Term Final Grade Sheet distribution schedule
3 Jun 2014World Bank and Microsoft Regional Grant Competition
3 Jun 2014Lab Class Room Maintenance Schedule
1 Jun 2014Invitation for Participating in Bangladesh Summit on Sustain
1 Jun 2014The Biggest Contest in ASIA
21 May 2014CSIR-NISCAIR Project
17 May 2014November 2013 Term Final Exam Schedule
12 May 2014Sessional Grade submission
10 May 2014Notice for Applying for Supervisor Assignment
10 May 2014ICT Fellowship and Scholarship
6 May 2014Change of invigilation duty
4 May 2014Kyoto University Higher Education
4 May 2014Akita University Higher Education
3 May 2014Office order for Death Benefits during govt. job
2 May 2014Duty List Nov 2013
2 May 2014Duty List Nov 2013
30 Apr 2014Invitation of Thesis-Research Proposals for the meeting of t
28 Apr 2014UGC Award 2013
28 Apr 2014Precaution for using Chemical Matter
20 Apr 2014Scholarship of Prime Minister Research and Higher Education
20 Apr 2014Allocation of TA Fellowships for two semesters
19 Apr 2014ICT Fellowship
16 Apr 2014Call for Papers
9 Apr 2014UGC Award 2013
7 Apr 2014Invitation for Engineers Institution Bangladesh 55th Conven
7 Apr 2014Selection Member Invitation for Engineers Institution, Bang
7 Apr 2014Fulbright Foreign Student Program
29 Mar 2014Erasmus+Programme for higher education cooperation during 20
29 Mar 2014Higher Education purpose
29 Mar 2014Erasmus+Programme for higher education cooperation during 20
26 Mar 2014BUET Undergraduate Academic Position
25 Mar 2014Exam. Bill Purpose
12 Mar 2014HEQEP 3rd Round Project
26 Feb 2014Complete Proposal for HEQEP 3rd Round
25 Feb 2014Printing of Thesis-Project bill in legal size paper
25 Feb 2014Issues regarding the Publication of PG Results
25 Feb 2014Draft UG Programme
25 Feb 2014Coordinated Research Project
16 Feb 2014SME Semenar on 18-2-14
16 Feb 2014Cleaning of CSE Dept.
15 Feb 2014Postgraduate Revised 11-2-14 Academic Calender
15 Feb 2014Undergraduate revised 11-2-14 Academic Calendar
15 Feb 2014Undergraduate revised (11-2-14) Academic Calendar
15 Feb 2014Postgraduate Revised (11-2-14) Academic Calender
10 Feb 2014Invitation for 1st Interna Confe on Engg and Emerging Tech 2
10 Feb 2014Invitation for 1st Interna Conference on Engg & Emerging Tec
10 Feb 2014Invitation for 1st International Conference on Engineering &
10 Feb 2014Notice regarding allowance for Education Support
10 Feb 2014Invitation for 1st International Conference on Engineering &
10 Feb 2014Association of BUET Alumni Notice
9 Feb 2014Undergraduate Academic Calendar
9 Feb 2014Postgraduate Academic Calendar
29 Jan 2014Application for authentication for campaigning and fund rais
29 Jan 2014WAITRO Research Fellowship Programme
29 Jan 2014Nomination of Research Methodology Training Course
27 Jan 2014Nomination of Fulbright Clinton Fellowship 2014-15
25 Jan 2014No invitation to any function of current VC
22 Jan 2014Submission of Grade Sheet of Supplementary Examination
22 Jan 2014Reunion of BUET Alumni
22 Jan 2014Recruitment of Professor and Asst. Professor in CSE BUET
20 Jan 2014Notice for House Room and Garrage
20 Jan 2014Notice for House, Room and Garrage
18 Jan 2014Regarding transfer of PC Projectors of Room 106 208
18 Jan 2014Regarding transfer of PC, Projectors of Room 106, 208
18 Jan 2014Scholarship for Graduate Degree Program at SIIT
18 Jan 2014Malaysia University of Technology PETRONAS Higher Education
13 Jan 2014Brunei Governments Scholarship for 2014-15
7 Jan 2014Purbachal Plot for BUET Campus
31 Dec 2013Akheri Cahar Sombar Leave
22 Dec 2013Nomination of 52th Training Programme of NITUB During 4-9 Ja
14 Dec 2013Use of domain name
9 Dec 2013Postgraduate Student Registration
8 Dec 2013Japan Nagoya University Higher Education
8 Dec 2013Notice for Supplementary Examination
8 Dec 2013Post Doctoral Fellowship Program 2014
8 Dec 2013Prokaushal Bishwabidyalay Club Election 2014
8 Dec 2013Commonwealth Alumni Association Registration
4 Dec 2013Post Doctoral Fellowship Program 2014
4 Dec 2013Post Doctoral Fellowship Program
30 Nov 2013CSE Teachers Name Plates
25 Nov 201327th Khwarizmi International Award
24 Nov 2013Ministry of ICT Doctoral and MSc. Fellowship
17 Nov 2013Postgraduate October 2013 semester academic calender
17 Nov 2013Other Level Term Correction academic calender
17 Nov 2013October 2013 semester academic calender (Postgraduate)
11 Nov 2013Engineering University School and College Admission 2014
11 Nov 2013Branch Assignment for L4 T2
11 Nov 2013Teachers and officers Recruitment
11 Nov 2013BUET Medical Certificate Fee
10 Nov 2013Nomination for Islamic Development Bank Prizes for Science a
10 Nov 2013BIIS System or Registration Request
10 Nov 2013Nomination for Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program 2014
3 Nov 2013Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2014-15
3 Nov 2013Prime Minister Gold Medal-2011
30 Oct 2013Orientation Program for Invigilators
29 Oct 2013UG Registration of November 2013 term
29 Oct 2013Mobile Numbers of All TeachersOfficers for BUET Dairy
29 Oct 2013Admission Test Time Schedule
29 Oct 2013Admission Test Security Purpose
28 Oct 2013PG Registration for October 2013
27 Oct 2013Postgraduate Class Routine
22 Oct 2013Nomination for Ekushe Padak-2014
9 Oct 2013Submission of Postgraduate Grade
9 Oct 2013Eid ul Azha and Durgapuza Leave
9 Oct 2013ACM Programming Contest at NSU Dhaka
6 Oct 2013October 2013 Postgraduate Academic Calender 01-10-2013
6 Oct 2013Undergraduate Academic Calender 01-10-2013
30 Sep 2013Nonotech Research Centre
30 Sep 2013NCICIT 2013
29 Sep 2013BUET Admission Test (Session 2013-14)
29 Sep 2013Change of Invigilation Duty Form
25 Sep 2013Bangla Font for Office
24 Sep 2013Employees Benifolent Fund Education Stipend-2013
22 Sep 2013UGC Research Project-2014
21 Sep 2013Eid and Durgapuja Bonus
18 Sep 2013Grade, Result & Grade Sheet Distribution Schedule
18 Sep 2013UGC Award-2012
17 Sep 2013Term Final Exam. Re-Schedule
15 Sep 2013House Loan Application Form
15 Sep 2013Invitation of Thesis/Research Proposals
10 Sep 2013Office Order
10 Sep 2013Office Order
10 Sep 2013Fellowship and Scholarship UK
9 Sep 2013Income Tax Return
4 Sep 2013Workshop on Design and Implementation of Emerging Computing
29 Jul 2013Notice about internet
17 Jul 2013House Vacancy
14 Jul 2013Term final exam posponded
6 Jul 2013Exam Related Notice
3 Jul 2013Office time in Ramadan
26 Jun 2013Notice about house
26 Jun 2013Salary increment for higher degree
19 Jun 2013Research on quality on higher education
19 Jun 2013Call for NST fellowship
19 Jun 2013appeal for financial help
19 Jun 2013ICT Related Project Support from Ministry
16 Jun 2013Young Researchers Fellowship Programme
16 Jun 2013Information Driven Innovation in SAARC Countries for Knowled
16 Jun 2013Ordinance Relating to the Board Residence and Discipline
5 Jun 2013Updated Undergraduate Academic Calender
3 Jun 2013About BRTC Distribution
2 Jun 2013Re-corrected PG Academic Calender
27 May 2013Submit all bills by 15 June 2013 for this financial year
22 May 2013Important Notice About Class
19 May 2013Academic Calender PG April 2013, Re-Corrected
19 May 2013Administrators, ATOs and Attendants of all Labs
13 May 2013Request to submit PG grade sheets
11 May 2013Corrected Academic Calender for UG Students
11 May 2013Corrected Academic Calender for PG Students
11 May 2013Scholarship at Japan
4 May 2013Notice about BUET ambulance
24 Apr 2013Reschedule of Semester Final Exam of CSE6706
21 Apr 2013Invitation of Proposals for the meeting of the CASR
16 Apr 2013Higher Education and Research Program in Japan
16 Apr 2013OIC: Formulation of Innovative Projects
16 Apr 2013Notice for PG April 2013 Semester
8 Apr 2013Important notice about class
3 Apr 2013M.Sc Exam Schedule
31 Mar 2013UNESCO/China - The Great Wall Co-Sponsored Fellowships Progr
31 Mar 2013International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering
31 Mar 2013Scholarship for Graduate Degree Program at SIlT
30 Mar 2013supplementary exams
30 Mar 2013Govt. ICT fellowship and scholarship policy
25 Mar 2013TWAS 2013 Prizes
20 Mar 2013apartment, room and garage
16 Mar 2013Discount on medical test
2 Mar 2013UNESCO Fellowships Programme
2 Mar 2013PG Academic Calender
2 Mar 2013About Lecturer Appointment
27 Feb 2013World Environment Day
26 Feb 2013Academic Calendar Update
20 Feb 2013apartment distribution meeting
19 Feb 2013BIIS Technical Support
18 Feb 2013University of Manchester Equity and Merit Scholarships
9 Feb 2013Advisers List
4 Feb 2013Registration and Class Start Notice
4 Feb 2013New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship-2013
2 Feb 2013Education Support for Children
20 Jan 2013Notice about house and garage
19 Jan 2013Corrected Academic Calender for UG Student
15 Jan 2013Higher education in Japan
15 Jan 2013Academic Calender for UG Student
13 Jan 2013Schedule for Grade Sheet Submission etc.
10 Jan 2013Talk by Dr. Munawar Hafiz
7 Jan 2013Notice about house and garage
6 Jan 2013postdoctoral fellowships
6 Jan 2013Notice about exam invigilator
1 Jan 2013Corrected Academic Calender
1 Jan 2013Academic Notice for PG Students
31 Dec 2012Scholarship for PhD
26 Dec 2012Seminar on Machine Learning
26 Dec 2012Schedule for Grade Sheet Submission and Result Preparation
24 Dec 2012PG Calendar (Corrected)
19 Dec 2012Notice about including TIN number to Bank Account
18 Dec 2012Notice for Applying for Supervisor Assignment for PG Student
17 Dec 2012Steps for PG Registration Process
15 Dec 2012PG Calender for October 2012 semester
15 Dec 2012Postgraduate Class Routine
15 Dec 2012Vacancy notice for teachers and officers
11 Dec 2012Call for project proposal
10 Dec 2012Notice about exam schedule
9 Dec 2012Notice about exam schedule
8 Dec 2012Notice for house and garage
28 Nov 2012Faculty of EEE FINAL PROGRAMME
27 Nov 2012Important notice about admission test
14 Nov 2012Admission Notice for Engineering University School
3 Nov 2012Seminar on Machine Intelligence, F-granulation and Data mini
1 Aug 2012Seminar on Data Stream Mining and Its Applications
1 Jul 2012Seminar on Constraint-Based Local Search
24 Jun 2012I.D.A.
20 Jun 2012Seminar Notice
10 Aug 2011Information on research areas of supervisors
30 Aug 2009Graduate Admission 2009 (2nd round)
13 May 2009Request for quotation for computers for a project under impl
5 Sep 2009BRTC (11 Mar 2009) Resolutions
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