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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahbub Alam

Department of CSE, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur

Title: Privacy and Security for Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is envisioned as the future of the Internet where heterogeneous devices, sensors, actuators, computers, and smart objects are expected to be connected. The coexistence of such a variety of devices will lead to the development of applications, which in turn, will improve the human life. However, the development of successful IoT applications poses a number of challenges – of which privacy and security have been considered as one of the major issues, especially for wireless IoT. In many situations, traditional privacy and security mechanisms might not be applicable for IoT, due to the low computational ability of the IoT devices. Moreover, IoT devices might be energy constrained – which might not facilitate extensive processing for privacy and security. In contrast, though traditional end-to-end encryption can prevent data  exposure in IoT devices, IoT might be vulnerable to a number of other security threats including traffic analysis, node profiling, link layer topology estimation, node tracking, and flow tracking. This tutorial presents the major challenges and opportunities related to privacy and security issues for successful deployment of IoT.  


Ajmat Iqbal

CEO, REVE Systems

Title: VoIP: State of the Art Techniques and Future

 VoIP is no longer only "Voice Over IP", it became an NGN platform. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, iTelMobileDialer, BuetTalk (next WhatsApp which will come from BUET students) enabled the developers and service providers to deliver whatever we need, starting from voice and then video, file sharing, picture, location, and advertisement. It became the next BIG opportunity for the developers and the next big surprise for the users. On this platform, a single developer like you can make an application that have the potential of 10*$22B (ten times of the value of WhatsApp).


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