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Digital Electronics and Pulse Techniques

3 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 2 Term 2 Students

Prerequisite: EEE263

Diode logic gates, transistor switches, transistor gates, MOS gates; Logic Families: TTL, ECL, IIL and CMOS logic with operation details; Propagation delay, product and noise immunity; Open collector and high impedance gates; Electronic circuits for flip-flops, counters and register, memory systems, PLAs; A/D and D/A converters with applications; S/H circuits, LED, LCD and optically coupled oscillators; Non-linear applications of OP AMPs; Analog switches. Linear wave shaping: diode wave shaping techniques, clipping and clamping circuits, comparator circuits, switching circuits; Pulse transformers, pulse transmission, pulse generation; monostable, bistable and astable multivibrators, Schmitt trigger, blocking oscillators and time-base circuit; Timing circuits; Simple voltage sweeps, linear current sweeps.

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