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Matrices, Vectors, Fourier Analysis, and Laplace Transforms

4 Credit Hour Course
Intended For Level 2 Term 2 Students

Prerequisite: None

Matrices: Definition of matrix; Different types of matrices; Algebra of matrices; Adjoint and inverse of a matrix; Elementary transformations of matrices; Matrix polynomials; Calay-Hamilton theory with uses of rank and nullity; Normal and canonical forms; Solution of linear equations; Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Vector Spaces: Definition and properties, subspaces, basis and dimension, change of basis; Linear Transformation (LT): definition and properties, linear operator matrix, geometry of LT, standard plane LT.
Vector Algebra: Scalars and vectors, equality of vectors; Addition and subtraction of vectors; Multiplication of vectors by scalars; Scalar and vector product of two vectors and their geometrical interpretation; Triple products and multiple products; Linear dependence and independence of vectors.
Vector Calculus: Differentiation and integration of vectors together with elementary applications; Definition of line, surface and volume integrals; Gradient, divergence and curl of point functions, various formulae, Gauss’s theorem, Stoke’s theorem, Green’s theorem.
Fourier Analysis: Real and complex form of Fourier series; Finite transform; Fourier Integral; Fourier transforms and their uses in solving boundary value problems of wave equations.
Laplace Transforms: Definition; Laplace transforms of some elementary functions; Sufficient conditions for existence of Laplace transforms; Inverse Laplace transforms; Laplace transforms of derivatives. The unit step function; Periodic function; Some special theorems on Laplace transforms; Partial fraction; Solutions of differential equations by Laplace transforms; Evaluation of improper integrals.

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