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  Undergraduate Courses:

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Course ID Course Title Level Term
CHEM114Inorganic Quantitative Analysis12
CSE101Structured Programming Language11
CSE102Structured Programming Language Sessional11
CSE103Discrete Mathematics12
CSE107Object Oriented Programming Language12
CSE108Object Oriented Programming Language Sessional12
CSE203Data Structures and Algorithms I21
CSE204Data Structures and Algorithms I Sessional21
CSE205Digital Logic Design21
CSE206Digital Logic Design Sessional21
CSE207Data Structures and Algorithms II22
CSE208Data Structures and Algorithms II Sessional22
CSE211Theory of Computation22
CSE216Database Sessional22
CSE218Numerical Methods21
CSE281Computer Programming21
CSE282Computer Programming Sessional21
CSE283Digital Techniques22
CSE284Digital Techniques Sessional22
CSE287Computer Programming21
CSE288Computer Programming Sessional21
CSE295Computer Programming Techniques21
CSE296Computer Programming Techniques Sessional21
CSE300Technical Writing and Presentation31
CSE301Mathematical Analysis for Computer Science32
CSE305Computer Architecture31
CSE306Computer Architecture Sessional31
CSE307Software Engineering31
CSE308Software Engineering Sessional 31
CSE310Compiler Sessional31
CSE311Data Communication31
CSE313Operating System32
CSE314Operating System Sessional32
CSE315Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, and Embedded Systems31
CSE316Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, and Embedded Systems Sessional31
CSE317Artificial Intelligence32
CSE318Artificial Intelligence Sessional32
CSE321Computer Networks32
CSE322Computer Networks Sessional32
CSE325Information System Design32
CSE326Information System Design Sessional32
CSE391Embedded Systems and Interfacing31
CSE392Embedded Systems and Interfacing Sessional31
CSE400Project and Thesis41
CSE405Computer Security41
CSE406Computer Security Sessional41
CSE408Software Development Sessional41
CSE409Computer Graphics41
CSE410Computer Graphics Sessional41
CSE411Simulation and Modeling42
CSE412Simulation and Modeling Sessional42
CSE413High Performance Computing42
CSE414 High Performance Computing Sessional42
CSE415 Real-time Embedded Systems42
CSE416 Real-time Embedded Systems Sessional42
CSE421Basic Graph Theory41
CSE423Fault Tolerant Systems41
CSE425Human Computer Interaction41
CSE433Digital Image Processing41
CSE435Basic Multimedia Theory41
CSE451Computer Networks42
CSE452Computer Networks Sessional42
CSE453High Performance Database System41
CSE457Wireless Networks41
CSE458Wireless Networks Sessional41
CSE459Communication Systems41
CSE461Algorithm Engineering42
CSE462Algorithm Engineering Sessional42
CSE463Introduction to Bioinformatics41
CSE465Semantics of Programming Languages41
CSE467Software Architecture41
CSE471Machine Learning42
CSE472Machine Learning Sessional42
CSE473Pattern Recognition42
CSE474Pattern Recognition Sessional42
CSE476Robotics Sessiona42
CSE481VLSI Design42
CSE482VLSI Design Sessional42
CSE484Interfacing Sessional42
CSE485Digital Signal Processing42
CSE486Digital Signal Processing Sessional42
CSE487 Mobile Applications Development42
CSE488 Mobile Applications Development Sessional42
EEE163Introduction to Electrical Engineering11
EEE164Introduction to Electrical Engineering Sessional11
EEE263Electronic Devices and Circuits21
EEE264Electronic Devices and Circuits Sessional21
EEE269Electrical Drives and Instrumentation22
EEE270Electrical Drives and Instrumentation Sessional22
EEE463 Optical Communications41
EEE465Telecommunication Systems41
HUM172Developing English Skills Sessional12
HUM272Developing English Skills Laboratory12
HUM371Financial and Managerial Accounting42
HUM411Business Law42
HUM473Financial, Cost and Managerial Accounting42
HUM475Engineering Economics41
HUM477Sociology for Science and Technology42
HUM481Entrepreneurship for IT Business42
IPE493Industrial Management42
MATH145Differential Calculus and Coordinate Geometry11
MATH147Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), Partialy Differential Equations (PDE) and Vector Calculus12
MATH245Complex Variable and Statistics21
MATH247Linear Algebra, Laplace Transformation and Fourier Analysis22
ME165Basic Mechanical Engineering11
PHY102Physics Sessional11
PHY109Physics (Heat and Thermodynamics, Structure of Matter, Waves and Oscillations, and Physical Optics)11

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