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IEICE Technical Committee on Theoretical Foundations of Computing (COMP) 

Special Interest Group for ALgorithms (SIGAL) of the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)


11, Nov 2014
Notification has been sent. List of accepted papers has been published. Acceptance rate ~30% for full papers (~34% including the short papers).

26, Sep 2014
Paper submission is now closed. We have a total of 88 submissions.

16, Sep 2014 
Paper submission deadline is extended. Extended deadline: 25 (Thu.) September, 2014 (23:59:59 GMT/UTC)

16, May 2014 
WALCOM 2015 is supported by Special Interest Group for ALgorithms (SIGAL) of the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

17, Mar 2014 
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications and Journal of Discrete Algorithms will publish special issues dedicated to WALCOM 2015

08, Mar 2014 
WALCOM 2015 is supported by IEICE Technical Committee on Theoretical Foundations of Computing (COMP)  

08, Mar 2014 
WALCOM 2015 proceedings will be published in LNCS

20, Feb 2014
WALCOM 2015 CFP is published

20, Feb 2014 
WALCOM 2015 Website is up and running


Advisory Committee for WALCOM 2015

Mesbahuddin Ahmad, President, Bangladesh Academy of Science (BAS)
M. Shamsher Ali, Fellow, BAS
Khawaja Muhammed Sultanul Aziz, Secretary, BAS.
Naiyyum Choudhury, Fellow BAS
Khaleda Ekram, Vice-Chancellor, BUET.
Md. Monzurul Haque, Member (Engineering), BAEC
Mahmudul Hasan, Member (Physical Science), BAEC
Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, Head, CSE, BUET
Md. Monirul Islam, Chairman, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)
M. Kaykobad, BUET
Harun-Or-Rashid, Director General, Atomic Energy Research Establishment
M. Ali Zulquarnain, Member (Planning), BAEC


Organizing Committee for WALCOM 2015

Md. Shakil Ahmed, AERE, Savar, Joint Organizing Secretary
Md. Mostafa Akbar, CSE, BUET
Addris Ali, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Mohammed Eunus Ali, CSE, BUET
Abdus Salam Azad, CSE, BUET
Md. Ashikur Rahman Azim, CSE, BUET
Khawaja Muhammed Sultanul Aziz, BAS
Mohammad Al-Mahmud, CSE, BUET
Md. Muradul Bashir, CSE, BUET
Naiyyum Choudhury,  BAS
Anada Kumar Das, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Mohammod Abu Sayid Haque, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Mahbubul Hoq, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Dulal Hossain, ICS, AERE
Md. Iqbal Hossain, CSE, BUET
Md. Saddam Hossain, CSE, BUET
Alim-Al-Islam, CSE, BUET
A T M Fayezul Islam, IFRB, Savar, Dhaka
Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, CSE, BUET
Md. Nurul Islam, Director, Training Institute, AERE
Imtiaz Kamal, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Rezaul Karim, Dhaka University
M. Kaykobad, CSE, BUET, Organizing Co-chair
Shahidul Islam Khan, CSE, BUET
Mubarak Ahmed Khan, AERE, Savar
Tanvir Ahmed Khan, CSE, BUET
Shefaly Khatun, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
ANK Mamun, IFRB, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Abdul Manan, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
M. A. Mazed,  BAS
Md. Nasrul Haque Mia, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Kh. Nuba Shittain Mitu, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Syed Abdul Momin, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Karam Newaz, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Abdur Rahim, ICS,Savar, Dhaka
Md. Anisur Rahman, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Mizanur Rahman, CSE, BUET
Md. Saidur Rahman, CSE, BUET, Organizing Co-chair
M. Sohel Rahman, CSE, BUET
Harun-Or-Rashid, AERE, Savar, Dhaka, Organizing Co-chair
Sudipto Saha, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Khaled Mahmud Shahriar, CSE, BUET
Rifat Shahriyar, CSE, BUET, Organizing Secretary
Sadia Sharmin, CSE, BUET, Joint Organizing Secretary
Md. Malek Sonar, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Shaheena Sultana, CSE, BUET
Shauli Sarmin Sumi, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Etsuji Tomita, Japan
Md. Meshbah Uddin, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Shuza Uddin, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Sk. Md. Yunus, AERE, Savar, Dhaka
Md. Anzan-Uz-Zaman, AERE, Savar, Dhaka

WALCOM '15 Organizing Committee