• Creating a competitive and collaborative environment for systems design, analysis & development practice.
  • Practical Software Design Challenges & regular contests - thus forming some strong teams for both inter-university software development competitions.
  • Launching and contributing to open-source projects.
  • Research on application architecture, frameworks, security etc.
  • Getting introduced to industry-standard coding -
    • Good coding practices
    • Collaboration
    • Versioning
    • Refactoring
    • Design patterns & their implementations
    • Software security
    • Deployment of application and testing
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Green coding
    • Application architectures
    • Software as a service etc.

Our Motivation

BUET has an outstanding image on Programming Contest in local and global platforms for years. For competitive programming contest, we have teams who get extensive training and motivation from some of our amazing ex-contestants and they participate in various local and global contests regularly. But the picture was somewhat different for software analysis/development. A couple of years back we had no organized way of getting trained in software development. We got some success stories in different development contests, but those were mostly result of personal efforts. There was very limited scope of sharing the knowledge we had for not having a organized effort or a community. To diminish this lacking of an organized effort and proper direction, BSADD was born.

The main goal of BSADD is creating a platform, where we can learn and share the knowledge about the best practices in software development. It serves as a community where the software enthusiasts participate and share their expertise to bridge the gap between our students and the industry. BSADD arranges training sessions, contests, design challenges in online and offline platform focusing on software design, research in regular basis. It also guides the students who participate in local and international contests. Our motto is growing the culture of software design and development among the students.

From its inception BSADD has been arranging various training sessions, contests, design challenges from time to time. On a regular basis we invite professionals from the industry, so that we can always be up to date with the state-of-art methods. By creating a helpful learning environment, BSADD paves the way for a skilled software development community.

A bangla version of our motivation will be found here - BSADD History Page

Dr. Abu Sayed Md. Latiful Hoque

Professor, Department of CSE, BUET

Sajjadur Rahman

Lecturer, Department of CSE, BUET

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing pretty well. When I was asked to say something about BSADD, the first thing that sprang in my mind is that, BSADD is the first of it's kind in Bangladesh in terms of student community that focuses on promoting Software Design and Development practices among students.

The great thing about BSADD is that it's a well drilled organization run solely by the students. From managing weekly tutorial sessions to encouraging the use of cutting edge tools and organizing Software Design and Development Contests at national levels. You name it, BSADD has always been at the forefront of everything and students have always been at the heart of it. And that too from a sense of a dedication to our Department, giving something back.

I have been fortunate enough to see all these great things I have told about BSADD from the very beginning. The aim of BSADD has always been to bridge the gap between industry and academia and give the students a sense of the practical scenario. It will be really unfair, if I do not acknowledge the contribution of the CSE'07 batch who established BSADD and made it all possible. From then 2008 batch took over the battle and took BSADD forward. I hope that 2009 batch is also doing a great job.

So that's all I had to say about BSADD. I wish you all the best and I hope that BSADD will always remain as a success story and continue to thrive.


10th May, 2012 First Session of BSADD
  • Inauguration of BSADD by Department Head
  • Surprise event - Buggy BUET, An web application to find the bugs and system vulnerabilities
  • Session on Software Development Best Practices, Conventions and Architectures
  • Session on User Experience Engineering
17th May, 2012 Html and CSS training session for Beginners
17th May, 2012 Practice contest
26th May, 2012 Introductory Workshop on Java Frameworks by Sayem Ahmed, Sr. Software Engineer, Impulse BD Ltd.
7th June, 2012 Database training session
14th June, 2012 PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter) training session
14th June, 2012 Working with Database in Java
17th June, 2012 HTML/CSS training session and Practice sessions on Java
28th June, 2012 1st Intra-Department System Design and Development Contest
8th September, 2012 Session on Basic MVC with Java
8th September, 2012 Training session Unit Testing in PHP
3rd November, 2012 Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps Development session by Microsoft Bangladesh
28th January, 2013 Introducing Open Web Technologies & Firefox OS for smartphone by Mozilla Bangladesh
14th January, 2013 Session on Software Architecture & Prototyping with Mock UI
March, 2013 Inter University System Analysis Design and Development Contest on CSE Festival 2013
5th May 2013 Session on Web Service (REST + SOAP)
21st January, 2014 Session on Android Database & Webservice
7th March, 2014 The Mobile Application Hackathon: Codehub
26 august, 2014 Seminar on Python Programming
2nd September, 2014 Session for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 Preparation
8th May, 2015 Kona Software Lab Ltd. Inter University System Design and Development Contest on CSE Festival 2015
30th March, 2016 BSADD presents Android Workshop 2016. A big applause to Onix Haque for maintaing all the tools and resources so nicely on the website. Within five day schedule following topics are covered -
6th February, 2017 Workplace environment survey, 2016 published by BSADD Connect
13th February, 2017 CSE BUET Alumni stepped forward to volunteer on helping common queires regarding universities / companies. BSADD Connect happily presents you the alumni list .
21st March, 2017 BSADD - From Keyboard to Billboard
An introductory session on software development and its prospects in Bangladesh ( event link , video link ).
  • IT industry of Bangladesh by Mostafiz Rahman ( slide )


Faculty Members

Co-Ordinators from 2007 batch

Co-Ordinators from 2008 batch

Co-Ordinators from 2009 batch

Co-Ordinators from 2010 batch

Co-Ordinators from 2011 batch

Co-Ordinators from 2012 batch

  • Nazrul Islam Anik
  • মোত্তাকিন চৌধুরী
  • Nayeem Reza
  • Rayhan Chowdhury
  • Anjan Basak Tanmoy
  • Noor E Tasnina
  • Ferdous Al Imran
  • Dipto Das
  • Muhim Muktadir Zim
  • ইব্রাহিম তাহমিদ
  • সাদ মোহাম্মাদ আবরার
  • Anurata Prabha Hridi