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 »Prospects of CSE:

This document was prepared as a leaflet for the seminar 'Prospects of CSE' organized by Department of CSE, BUET and CSEBUET 99 Alumni Association. The seminar was held on November 26, 2005 at the BUET Central Auditorium.

CSE is
 »Computer Science
 »Computer Engineering
Software side (Science)
 »Programming and Development
 »Information System Design
 »Operating System
 »Artificial Intelligence
 »Theoretical Computer Science
 »Graph Theory
 »Simulation and Modeling
Hardware side (Engineering)
 »Computer Architecture
 »Digital System Design
 »Computer Interfacing
 »Wireless Communication
CSE is Vast
 »CSE encompasses a huge array of fields from mathematics to electronics, from Logic to Artificial Intelligence
 »You cannot be a computer engineer simply by doing an M.Sc. in CSE.
 »Every software you develop is something new.
 »Easy to do new things compared to other costly/stagnant subjects.
 »There is no single 'perfect' way to implement some idea.
CSE is NOT ONLY Training
 »CSE is Engineering
  »Best practices
 »CSE is Art
  »Science + Art
 »Solving Problems
CSE is the BEST Engineering
 »Open Source Projects
  »The sun never sets
 »Other engineering disciplines depend on CSE.
  »CAD: Computer Aided Design
 »Stakeholders participated database system
 »Optimal route planning
 »Road network
 »Power Grid Design
 »E-office System
 »Inventory System
 »Time management
 »Profit maximization
 »Distant learning system
 »Online Examination and Evaluation System
 »Online Banking System
 »E-Commerce System
 »Online Travel Planning
Co-curricular Activities
 »Programming Contests
  »ACM ICPC World Finals 1998-2005 (best result in 2000: 11th in the world)
  »Nationwide Programming Competitions
 »Software Competitions
  »3rd position in World Engineers' Convention 2004, Shanghai, China
 »Hardware Competitions
 »Around 50% research papers in the local conferences are produced by BUET CSE faculty and students
Higher Studies
 »Postgraduate studies in top universities around the world
  »Carnegie Mellon University
  »University of Texas at Austin
  »University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  »Cornell University
  »University of California at San Diego
  »Georgia Institute of Technology
  »University of Pennsylvania
  »Purdue University
  »Yale University
 »More than 47 students from 96, 97, and 98 batches (total 162 students) are studying abroad now.
 »More than 6 BUET CSE graduates are now faculty members in US or other foreign Universities.
CSE will last forever
 »Widespread use of computers
 »Minimum demand is high
 »Need of computer engineers in all sectors
 »More and more CSE job scopes will open all the time
 »CSE jobs will not be saturated
Apparent limited job scope
 »CS graduates from some private universities are facing problem to find job for poor performance.
 »No problem faced by good engineers from private universities.
 »BUET CSE graduates are absorbed in job market even before their results are published.
Job Opportunities
 »Software Houses
 »IT manager, System Manager, System Analyst, MIS officer etc. in Corporate.
»Telecom Industry
»Internet Service Providers (ISP)
 »Graduates working in top international software companies including
  »Microsoft: 20 persons
  »Intel: 19 persons
  »Motorola: 5 persons
 »Graduates staying in Bangladesh are in good positions. Notably: [This information is of batch 98 and 99]
  »GrameenPhone Ltd.: 8
  »AKTEL: 16
  »BanglaPhone: 6
  »RanksTel: 3
  »Eyeball Networks Inc.: 4
  »Commlink Info Tech Ltd.: 5
  »Relisource Technologies Ltd.: 7
Did you know?
 »That every single one of batch 99 is already employed
 »That their Average Salary is above 25 thousand (highest 64 thousand)
 »That most of them got employed even before their results were published
Can you imagine?
 »We are ACM World Finalists for consecutive 9 times
 »That two of our graduates got jobs in MICROSOFT even before their graduation