Postgraduate Seminar Series


The Postgraduate Seminar Series is a weekly event hosted in the department of CSE, BUET. The series started its journey on April 20, 2024, following the initiative of the departmental head Professor Mohammed Eunus Ali, which was unanimously adopted as a resolution in the Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPGS) of the department.
Every M.Sc. student of the department is required to offer one seminar talk before graduation. A Ph.D. student must give two talks. The PG Seminar Series thus creates a platform for the student researchers to showcase their work in front of their fellow students as well as teachers. The audience gets the opportunity to get a flavor of the diverse fields where the department is contributing through active research.
We encourage the students of the department, both from undergraduate and postgraduate programs, to attend these seminars, participate in active research discussions and thus broaden their horizon of knowledge and their thinking abilities. We also encourage students from other departments to attend this seminar series and seek out possible collaborative research opportunities.