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Live, dream, and express yourself in your mother tongue now even through SMS


Java Micro Edition(J2ME)

Tools used

Java Wireless Toolkits(WTK) and various simulators

Features of Bangla SMS:

-> This software supports all of the MIDP 2.0 enabled mobile sets.
-> Simultaneous Bangla and English input.
-> Up to 150 Bangla character message length.
-> 82 ligatures (Juktakkhor) support.
-> Maximum user friendly editor.
-> Widely accustomed typing interface, which guarantees rapid user adaptation and comfort.
-> Special features like choosing background color, text color etc.
-> Characters enlisted under a button are listed whenever any key is pressed, and the currently selected character is highlighted.
-> Categorized 42 editable templates.
-> Inbox, Outbox facility with option for editing and forwarding saved messages.

Other Features

-> Folders: There are Inbox, Outbox, and Templates folders.
-> Editing: Any received message is stored in the specific inbox, and then can be edited or forwarded.
-> Font: We introduced a nice-to-look-at font from standard Bangla font library.
-> Themes: The editor environment can be customized by the built in themes. Text foreground and background colors are therefore not forced to any user. The theme chosen in the sender end is transferred in the receiver end.
-> Templates: There are 42 built-in templates, organized under 5 categorized folders. They are focused to our day-to-day life and needs.

Mode of Operation

-> The user can send or save a composed message as usual. The recipient can be selected from Phonebook.
-> In the receiver end, a special notification like "You have got a Bangla SMS" or any special character like "*" is showed whenever a message is received.

File Size

The total package size is approximately 45 kb, which is no concern at all for the handsets as they usually come with megabytes of memory.

Ways of Distribution

-> Download from Internet through GPRS.
-> Copy from PC through data cable.
-> Copy through Infra-red port.
-> Copy through Bluetooth .
-> Broadcast through OTA (Over The Air) mechanism.

How to Install

The BanglaSMS.jar and BanglaSMS.jad files must be copied to the handset. Some handsets will automatically install the software. For the others, the .jad file should be run to install the software.

Used by

AKTEL, a leading mobile company of Bangladesh, introduced this software as "Aktel Mayer Bhasha" on February 1, 2006. It is used by AKTEL users now. Visit for more details.


Saikat Islam, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Ahsanul Karim, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Rifat Shahriyar, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Md. Raquibul Bari, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Saad Altaful Quader, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Redwan-ul-Haq Choyon, Student, SUST
Nashad Ahmed Safa, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Shaila Pervin, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of CSE, BUET
Ashikur Rahman, Level 4 Term 1 Student, Department of EEE, BUET
Md. Moshiur Rahman

Posted on: [2006-02-02]