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Virtual University:

Virtual University is basically a Web based Course Management System. It enables students to visit the university web site and study courses over the web without leaving the comfort of their own home. Students can collect course materials, submit assignments, attend quizzes and exams from their home without going to the university. Based on STRUTS framework and MVC (Model View Controller) Design Pattern, this software is beneficial for both the students and the teachers in the sense that, all the course related activities that were done manually previously, can now be done online from anywhere on the earth. This system is currently in use in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BUET.

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Imranul Hoque
imranul AT gmail DOT com

Sonia Jahid
soniajahid AT gmail DOT com

[The developers were students of Department of CSE, BUET at the time of development. Currently they are Lecturers of the same department.]

Posted on: [2006-06-27]