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Blind Walk:

The WHO estimates that in 2002 there were 161 million visually impaired people in the world (about 2.6% of the total population). Of this number 124 million (about 2%) had low vision and 37 million (about 0.6%) were blind. We cant begin to imagine how hard it is to live ones day-to-day life in total darkness. Though, as engineers, we cant help them regain their eyesight, we can try to make their life a little easier. In fact it is our responsibility to do so. So, we came up with an idea that will help blind people to move around much more easily. We build a device that can detect nearby obstacles and warn the user (blind) before head using beeping sound. Our goal was to make this device as much affordable as possible, so that the people of the third world country like Bangladesh can buy one. We believe Industrial production of this device can help a lot of blind people, especially in poor country like us.

Posted on: [2011-12-21]