Undergraduate Admission:


Enrollment in the B.Sc. In Computer Science & Engineering degree program requires the student to have completed 12 years of studies in Higher Secondary School Certificate program or GCE A Level program.


The admission procedure for prospective undergraduate students begins immediately after the publication of the result of the Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) examination, usually in the month of August, every year. The call for admission application is published in national dailies.

Students, who are eligible for application, apply in specific form to the registrar’s office. There is primary selection of the applicants according to their past results in public examinations. The selected students sit for the admission examination that is held at the BUET campus. The ranking of the students based on the admission exam is published on the BUET web site. The students are given the chance to choose a department in the order of their merit position.

Usually students who rank within 250 in the merit-list gets a chance to opt for CSE.