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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

anindya_iqbal AT yahoo DOT com, anindya AT cse DOT buet DOT ac DOT bd

Office: 880 2 9665650/7109
Cell: 880 1857416849

Web page:

Dr. Anindya Iqbal (অনিন্দ্য ইকবাল)

Research Area:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Research Interest:
Participatory Sensing System
Security and Privacy
Empirical Software Engineering
Wireless Sensor Networks
Academic Background:
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2005
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2009
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
PhD, 2013, Monash University
Selected Publications:

12. Anindya Iqbal, Manzur Murshed: A Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network Framework for Range-free Event Localization. Journal of Ad hoc Networks, 2015.
11. Anindya Iqbal, Manzur Murshed: On demand-driven movement strategy for moving beacons in sensor localization. J. Network and Computer Applications 44: 46-62 (2014)
10. Manzur Murshed, Tishna Sabrina, Anindya Iqbal, Mortuza Ali, “Verifiable and Privacy Preserving Electronic Voting with Untrusted Machines,” IEEE TrustCom, 2013.
Journal Papers:

1. Partha Chakraborty, Rifat Shahriyar, Anindya Iqbal, Gias Uddin, How Do Developers Discuss and Support New Programming Languages in Technical Q&A Site? An Empirical Study of Go, Swift, and Rust in Stack Overflow, Information and Software Technology, 137, 2021.
2. Amiangshu Bosu, Anindya Iqbal, Rifat Shahriyar, Partha Chakraborty, Understanding the Motivations, Challenges and Needs of Blockchain Software Developers: A Survey, Empirical Software Engineering, 24 (4), 2636-2673, 2019.
Conference Papers:

1. Md Rafid Ul Islam, Md Saiful Islam, Zakaria Ahmed, Anindya Iqbal, Rifat Shahriyar, Automatic Detection of NoSQL Injection Using Supervised Learning, 2019 IEEE 43rd Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, COMPSAC 2019, 2019.
2. Faysal Hossain Shezan, Syeda Farzia Afroze, Anindya Iqbal, Vulnerability Detection in Recent Android Apps: An Empirical Study, International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security, 2017.
3. 4. Muhammed Dastagir Husain , Anindya Iqbal, An Empirical Study on Typosquatting Abuse in Bangladesh, International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security, 2017.
4. T. Ahmed, Aminagshu Bosu, Anindya Iqbal, Shahram Rahimi, SentiCR: a customized sentiment analysis tool for code review interactions, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2017.
5. Tahsina Hashem, Tanzima Hashem, Anindya Iqbal, Ensuring Feedback Data Privacy in the Context of Developing Countries, ACM Symposium on Computing and Development (DEV), 2016.
6. Tishna Sabrina, Manzur Murshed , Anindya Iqbal, Anonymization Techniques for Preserving Data Quality in Participatory Sensing, IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), 2016.
7. Anindya Iqbal, M. Murshed, Range-free Passive Localization Using Static and Mobile Sensors, WoWMoM 2012, 2012.
8. Anindya Iqbal, M. Murshed, Demand-driven Movement Strategy for Moving Beacons in Distributed Sensor Localization, ICCS, 2011.
9. M. Murshed, Anindya Iqbal, T. Sabrina, Kh. M. Alam, A Subset Coding based k-Anonymization Technique to Trade-off Location Privacy and Data Integrity in Participatory Sensing System, IEEE NCA, 2011.
10. Anindya Iqbal, M. Murshed, Attack-Resistant Sensor Localization under Realistic Wireless Signal Fading, WCNC, 2010.
11. M. Murshed, T. Sabrina, Anindya Iqbal, Kh. M. Alam, A Novel Anonymization Technique to Trade-off Location Privacy and Data Integrity in Participatory Sensing Systems, IEEE NSSS, 2010.
12. Anindya Iqbal, N. Ahmed, Md. Mostofa Akbar, Directional Antenna Based Connected Dominating Set Construction for Energy Efficient Broadcasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, ICCEE, 2008.
13. Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, Anindya Iqbal, U. Rosi, T. Kim, Towards Automated Traffic System using Vehicular Network with Directional Antenna, 2nd International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking (FGCN 2008), 2008.
14. Anindya Iqbal, N. Islam, Md. R. Islam, Md. Z. Mahmud, Design of an intelligent information processing system, ICCIT, 2004.