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Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Room No. 318, ECE Building
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

mahmudanaznin@cse.buet.ac.bd, mahmudanaznin@gmail.com


Web page:

Dr. Mahmuda Naznin (ডঃ মাহমুদা নাজনীন)

Research Area:
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Technology for People
Machine Learning
Next Generation Networking

Research Interest:

Machine Learning
Applied Algorithms
Human Computer Interactions
Systems and Networking

Academic Background:
Ph.D. in Computer Science
North Dakota State University, USA

MS in Computer Science
North Dakota State University, USA

M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Selected Publications:

Journal Papers:

1. Zakia Zaman, Fazle Rafsani, Ishrak R Rahman, Sabidur Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, DeepVRM: Deep Learning Based Virtual Resource Management for Energy Efficiency, Journal of Network and Systems Management. Springer, 31, 2023. [paper link]
2. Jamalia Sultana, Benzir Md Ahmed, Mohammad Mehedy Masud, A. K. Obidul Huq, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Mahmuda Naznin, A Study on Food Value Estimation From Images: Taxonomies, Datasets, and Techniques., IEEE Access, 11, 45910-45935 , 2023. [paper link]
3. Sabidur Rahman, Nilton Seixas, Mahmuda Naznin, Gustavo B. Figueiredo, Automation of Photonic Networks Using Machine Learning: Case Studies and Future Works (Invited Paper), IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (Impact factor - 2.46), IEEE, October, 2021. [paper link]
4. Taslim Arefin Khan, Suraiya Tairin, Mahmuda Naznin, Zakirul Alam Bhuiya, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, Advanced Communications in Cyber Physical Systems, Book: Big Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems, Springer , 1-60, 2020. [paper link]
5. Novia Nurain, Basir Sabquat Chowdhury, Tanzila Chowdhury, Suraiya Tairin, Marjan Ferdousi, Mahmuda Naznin, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, Exlploring Network Performances of Wireless Nanonetworks Utililing Gains of Nano-Antennas of Different Types of Materials, Wireless Networks (Impact factor - 2.602), Springer, 25, 2651-2664, 2019. [paper link]
6. A. A. Rahman Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, Energy Efficient Multiple Target Tracking Using Target Kinematics, Wireless Sensor Network, 3, 263-274, 2011.
7. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, Md. Humayun Kabir, Mahmuda Naznin, Stable Sensor Network (SSN): A Dynamic Clustering Technique for Maximizing Stability in Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), 2, 538-554, 2010.
8. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, Md. Humayun Kabir, Mahmuda Naznin, Finding the Optimal Percentage of Cluster Heads from a New and Complete Mathematical Model on LEACH, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), 2, 41-52, 2010.
9. Rakibul Haque, Mahmuda Naznin, STP: In-network Aggregation through Proximity Queries in Sensor Networks, Journal of Networks (JNW), 6, 8, 2010.
10. Md. Saidur Rahman, Takao Nishizeki, Mahmuda Naznin, Orthogonal Drawings of Plane Graphs, Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications (JGAA), 7, 335-362, 2003.
Conference Papers:

1. Ms. Mina, Dipannoy Das Gupta, Mahmuda Naznin, LBCC: A Load Balanced Collaborative Caching in Content Based Networking, IEEE UEMCON (accepted), 2023.
2. Fariha Tabassum Islam, Md. Tareq Mahmood, Mahmuda Naznin, MTUL: A Novel Approach for Multi-Trajectory User Linking, The 9th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security, ACM, 83--91, 2022. [paper link]
3. Jamalia Sultana, Mahmuda Naznin, Breaking the Barrier with a Multi-Domain SER, IEEE 46th COMPSAC , 2022. [paper link]
4. Dipannoy Das Gupta, Pranta Biswas, Mahmuda Naznin, CacheQueue: Efficient Cache Queue Usage in a NDN, IEEE 46th COMPSAC , 2022.
5. Nabil Ibtehaz, Mahmuda Naznin, Determining Confused Brain Activity from EEG Sensor Signals, the 8th NSysS, ACM, 2021.
6. Nazia Hossain, Mahmuda Naznin, Finding Emotion from Multi-Lingual Voice Data (Best Paper Award), IEEE 44th COMPSAC, Madrid, Spain. , 1-10, 2020. [paper link]
7. Zakia Zaman, Md. Sabidur Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, A Novel Approach for VNF Requirement Prediction Using DNN and LSTM, IEEE Globecom, Hawaii, USA, 1-7, 2019. [paper link]
8. Saad Maznur, Mohammad Shaown, Mahmuda Naznin, Tanvir R. Faisal, Perception Thresholding for Noise Removal in Micrographs of Cellular Tissues Obtained from Fluorescence Microscopy, IMECE, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Pittsburgh, USA, 1-6, 2018. [paper link]
9. Nazia Hossain, Mahmuda Naznin, EmoVoice: Finding My Mood from My Voice Signal, ACM Ubicomp, Singapore, 2018. [paper link]
10. Tahsin Amin, Suraiya Taitin, Sharmin Afrose, Walid Mahmud, Mahmuda Naznin, Semantic Clustering in Human Sensored Event Detection, the 14th DCOSS, 2018.
11. Mohammed Saber, Mahmuda Naznin, Relay Time Scheduling in a Heterogeneous Sensor Network, IEEE LANMAN, Washington D.C., USA, 2018. [paper link]
12. Khaleda Papry, Khan Md. Shorwar Khan, Mahmuda Naznin, A Smart Surveillance System Using Visual Sensors, ACM BuildSys, 2018.
13. Abdullah Al Fuad, Sfiullah Sabuj, Zunayed Ahsan, Mahmuda Naznin, RLB: Randomized load balanced packet forwarding strategy in name based data networking, The 4th International Conference on Network Systems and Security (NSysS), 2017.
14. Sk. Kamruzzaman, Mahmuda Naznin, Md. Nawajish Islam, Even Detection in Untrustworthy Network, the 20th International Conference of Wireless and Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC), 1-6, 2017.
15. Marjan Ferdousi, Suraiya Tairin, Sttayajit Podder, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, Mahmuda Naznin, Finding Hierarchical Network Model in Insulin Production Process, 8th IEEE Workshop of Multicore and Multithreaded Algorithms and Applications (M2A2), co-located with IEEE HPCC, Bangkok, Thailand, 8, 2017. [paper link]
16. Rakib Hasan, Fazle Rabbi, Mahmuda Naznin, M. I. I. Sakib, Partial Scheduling Based Energy Aware Coverage in a Heterogeneous Sensing System, the 3rd NSysS, 1-8, 2017. [paper link]
17. Tusher Chakrabarty, Taslim Arefin Khan, Mahmuda Naznin, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam, What We Breathe As We Commute: From the Perspective of a Developing Country, ACM DEV, Kenya, 2016. [paper link]
18. Nazia Majadi, Mahmuda Naznin, T. Ahmed, Energy Efficient Local Search Based Target Localization in an UWSN, IEEE WiMob, 1-8, 2016. [paper link]
19. Raushan Ara Dilruba, Mahmuda Naznin, Finding Reliable Source for Event Detection Using Evolutionary Method, Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop (PKAW), LNCS 9806, 1-15, 2016. [paper link]
20. Raushan Ara Dilruba, Mahmuda Naznin, Sk Kamruzzaman, Md. Nawajish Islam, PBRE: Population Based Reliable Node Finding in Participatory Sensing, ACM MobiSys, 2016.
21. Nazia Majadi, Mahmuda Naznin, T. Ahmed, ETRACK: Energy Efficient Tracking a Mobile Object Using Under Water Sensors, ACM MobiSys, (Poster paper), 2016.
22. Md. Shaifur Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, T. Ahmed, Efficient Routing in a Sensor Network Using Collaborative Ants, The 7th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, LNCS 9713, 2016. [paper link]
23. S M Ferdous, Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Mahmuda Naznin, Finding Network Connectivity Failure in a Wireless Sensor Network, IFIP/IEEE Wireless Days, 2016. [paper link]
24. Md Rakibul Haque, Mahmuda Naznin, and Rifat Shahriyar, Distributed Low Overhead ID in a Wireless Sensor Network, 17th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking, ICDCN 2016, Singapore, 2016. [paper link]
25. Afroza Sultana, Mahmuda Naznin, and Rifat Shahriyar, Conflicting Goal Constrained Architecture of a Heterogeneous Mobile Sensor Network, 2nd International Conference on Networking Systems and Security, NSysS 2016, 2016.
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