Message From Head:

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of eighteen departments under five faculties at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The department was the first of its kind to offer computer science and engineering education in Bangladesh.

It started its journey in 1984 when only post graduate education was offered. Then in 1986, the department introduced undergraduate education. Now, just about 36 years later, there is an academic staff of almost 50 and approximately the same number of administrative and technical assistants. There are flexible undergraduate degrees allowing students to pursue their personal interests, a thesis-based MSc program, and a flourishing PhD program.

The departments’ students are the better of the best in the country as they have to get admitted through a very competitive exam with strict screening policy. Again the students with the top results are hired as faculty members. In this department, you will find teachers who are very young, as well as teachers who got the opportunity to attain age and maturity. A very friendly and congenial atmosphere exists for fostering a friendly and healthy teacher-student relationship.

Here, a student gets the opportunity to excel in his academic activities. This is one of the very few departments where undergraduate students publish papers in international journals. At the same time, a student wishing to achieve some recognition in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities will also find the atmosphere helpful.

The applications and adaptability of computing has changed through the years. Computers are now used in almost every aspect of the university's operations and research. The country-wide reliance on computing has made the research in our Department invaluable. The Department is proud of its contributions in the many fields of computing including systems and networking, advanced algorithm, bioinformatics, graph theory, artificial intelligence, and software engineering, to name a few.

Have a nice stay here and please achieve the best.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Eunus Ali
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh