Reasons to Apply in CSE:

 » Computer Science is becoming the heart of every other technology.
 » Computer graduates are highly paid professionals in every industry.
 » Computer Science is the place for a Creative mind.
 » Computer graduates lead a high tech daily life.
 » Computer graduates are the premiers of the society.

Reasons to Apply at CSE BUET:

CSE BUET is the first department of its kind in Bangladesh. It is the ultimate choice of the students for graduate study. The core reasons behind are –

 » Graduates of CSE BUET are the most successful people in their respective works. They are working in Government services, Telecommunication Industry, Software Industry and in many other responsible posts in the country.

 » Graduates of CSE BUET are doing their research work in highly ranked universities of the world as Ph. D. students as well as Faculties.

 » Students of CSE BUET are very much successful in their co-curricular activities. CSE BUET is one of the Asian Giants in ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest).

 » Students of CSE are the leaders in the academic performance in BUET. The average performance of CSE Students outplays every other department in BUET.