Course Detail:


Signals and Linear Systems

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 2 Term 2 Students

Prerequisite: MATH141

Introduction to signals and systems: continuous and discrete-time signals, basic operation on signals, unit impulse and unit step function, systems and their properties; Linear time invariant (LTI) systems: continuous and discrete-time LTI systems, convolution integral and convolution sum, properties of LTI systems; Time domain analysis of LTI systems: differential and difference equations; Frequency domain analysis of LTI systems: Fourier series representation of continuous and discrete-time periodic signals, properties of continuous and discrete-time Fourier series, Fourier series and LTI systems; Continuous and discrete-time Fourier transform: representation of aperiodic signals, Fourier transform for periodic signals, properties, duality; Time and frequency characterization of signals and systems; Sampling: the sampling theorem, interpolation, aliasing; Laplace transform: properties, inverse Laplace transform, analysis and characterization of LTI systems; Z-transform: properties, inverse Z-transform, analysis of LTI systems.