Course Detail:


Software Engineering

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 3 Term 1 Students


Concepts of software engineering: software engineering paradigms, different phases of software system development, different types ofinformation, qualities of information; Project management concepts: software process and project metrics, software project planning, riskanalysis and management, project scheduling and tracking, software costanalysis, COCOMO model; Analysis concepts and principles: requirementanalysis, analysis modeling, data modeling; Design concepts and princi-ples: architectural design, user interface design, object oriented softwaredevelopment and design, iterative development and the unied process, sequential waterfall life cycles, use case model for requirement writing, elaboration using system sequence diagram, domain model, visualizingconcept classes; UML diagrams: Interaction and Collaboration Diagram for designing Software, class diagram; GoF design patterns: adapter,factory, singleton, strategy, composite, facade, and observer; Contentmanagement systems: concepts, planning and developing dynamicweb content sites; Software testing: white box and black box testing,basis path testing, testing for specialized environment; Software testingstrategies: unit testing, integration testing, validation testing, systemtesting; Art of debugging; Analysis of system maintenance and upgrading:software repair, downtime, error and faults, specication and correction,maintenance cost models, documentation; Software quality assurance:quality factors. software quality measures, cost impact of software defects, concepts of software reliability, availability and safety, function based metrics and bang metrics, metrics for analysis and design model, metrics for source code, testing and maintenance.