Course Detail:


Computer Security

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 1 Students


Fundamental concepts: confidentiality, integrity and availability, assurance, authenticity and anonymity; threats and attacks, security principles; Cryptographic concepts: encryption, digital signatures, simple attacks on cryptosystems, cryptographic hash functions, digital certificates; Cryptography: symmetric cryptography, public-key cryptography, cryptographic hash functions, digital signatures, details of AES and RSA cryptography; Security: Operating systems concepts, process security, memory and file system security, physical security, application program security, network security concepts, browser security, physical security, applications security, Security Attacks: buffer overflow and other vulnerabilities due to insecure programming, foot printing, social engineering , Trojans and backdoors, sniffing, denial of service, session hijacking, threats on components like webservers, web Applications, mobile platforms, wireless networks, Security Measures: Firewall, Intrusion detection and prevention