Course Detail:


Computer Graphics

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 1 Students


Basics of computer graphics and its applications; Raster graphics: images and colours; 3D rasterization pipeline; 3D modeling: parametric curves and surfaces using B-spline and Bezier curves and surfaces, polygonal meshes, subdivision surfaces, BSP trees, voxels, sweeps, fractals; Scene graphs; Transformations: modelling, viewing, projection, and viewport transformations; 3D rendering; Visible surface detection and hidden surface removal methods: back-face detection, depth buffer method, depth-sorting method, BSP trees method, ray casting methods; Direct illumination; Global illumination: shadows, ray tracing, and radiosity; Shading and textures; Scan conversion and clipping; Computer animation: kinematics, motion capture, and dynamics-passive and active; Application development using OpenGL.