Course Detail:


Computer Networks

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 2 Students


Switching and multiplexing; ISO, TCP-IP and ATM reference models. Different Data Communication Services: Physical Layer- wired and wireless transmission media, Cellular Radio: Communication satellites; Data Link Layer: Elementary protocols, sliding window protocols. Error detection and correction, HDLC, DLL of internet, DLL of ATM; Multiple Access protocols, IEEE.802 Protocols for LANs and MANs, Switches, Hubs and Bridges; High speed LAN; Network layer: Routing, Congestion control, Internetworking, Network layer in internet: IP protocol, IP addresses, ARP; NI in ATM transport layer: transmission control protocol. UDP, AT M adaptation layer; Application layer: Network security; Email, Domain Name System; Simple Network Management Protocol; HTTP and World Wide Web.