Course Detail:


Network Security

3 Credit Hour Course


Network security policies, strategies and guidelines; Network security assessments and matrices; Different attacks: Denial of Service attack (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, Eavesdropping, IP spoofing, Sybil attack, Blackhole attack, Grayhole attack, Man-in-the-middle attack, Passwords-based offline attacks; Network security threats and attackers: Intruders, Malicious software, Viruses and Spy-ware; Security standards: DES, RSA, DHA, Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), SHA, AES; Security at Transport layer: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS); Security on Network layer: IPSec; Network security applications: AAA standards, e-mail securities, PGP, S/MIME; PKI smart cards; Sandboxing; Firewalls and Proxy server; Security for wireless network protocols: WEP, WPA, TKIP, EAP, LEAP; Security protocols for Ad-hoc network; Security protocols for Sensor network; Security for communication protocols; Security for operating system and mobile agents; Security for e-commerce; Security for LAN and WAN; Switching and routing security; Other state-of-the-art related topics.