Course Detail:


Optical Communications

3 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 1 Students


Introduction to optical communication; Guided and unguided optical communication system, Light propagation through guided medium; Optical Fibers: SMF and MMF, SI fibers and GI fibers; Transmissionimpairments: fiber loss, chromatic dispersion in a fiber, polarization mode dispersion (PMD); Different types of fibers: DSF, DCF, Dispersioncompensation schemes, Fiber cabling process, Fiber joints/connectors and couplers; Optical transmitter: LED and laser, Operating principles and characteristics; Optical receivers: PN, PIN and APD detectors, Noise at the receiver, SNR and BER. IM/DD and Coherent communication systems; Nonlinear effects in optical fibers; Optical amplifiers, Optical modulators; Multichannel optical systems: Optical FDM, OTDM and WDM; Lightwavenetworks: WDMA, FDMA, TDMA and CDMA, Optical Access Network, Optical network access protocols, Optical link design.