Course Detail:



2 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 1 Students


Sociological perspective: definition, nature, scope and importance of sociology; Sociology and scientific approach: methods of social research, stages of social research; Primary concepts of sociology: society, community, association, institution, group; Social evolution: stages in the evolution of human civilization; Culture: definition, characteristics, culture contents (material and non-material), cultural lag, culture and civilization; Industrial revolution: the growth of capitalism, features and social consequences, socialism; Social organization: family, forms and functions of family, functions of family in modern industrial society, marriage, forms of marriage, functions of marriage; Social stratification: main types of social stratification – slavery-caste and social class and status, social stratification and social mobility; Social control: religion and morality, custom and public opinion, taboo-law, state and education; Social change: change-evolution-progress-development, factors in social change; Society and population: human migration, population and resources; Some current social problems: crime, deviance, juvenile delinquency, youth unrest; Technology and society: effects of technological factors on social life.