Course Detail:


Entrepreneurship for IT Business

2 Credit Hour Course

Intended For Level 4 Term 2 Students


The foundations of entrepreneurship; Inside the entrepreneurship mind: from ideas to reality; The rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship: driving forces behind small business, ethics and social responsibility, creativity and innovation; New business planning process: conducting a feasibility analysis, designing a competitive business model, building a solid strategic plan and crafting a winning business plan; Forms of business ownership: franchising and the entrepreneur, buying an existing business; Building a marketing plan: building a bootstrap marketing plan, creative use of advertising and promotion, pricing and credit strategies, global marketing strategies, e-commerce; Building a financial plan: creating a successful financial plan, managing cash-flow, sources of financing-equity and debt; Building an operational plan: location, layout and physical facilities, supply chain management, managing inventory, staffing andleading a growing company; Legal aspects of small business: succession,ethics, business law and government regulation; Strategic plan and riskmanagement; Global aspects of entrepreneurship; Building a new ventureteam and planning for the next generation.