Guidelines for M.Sc. Engg./M. Engg. thesis proposal presentation in the department of CSE, BUET:

Guideline for Proposal presentation [<= 10 Mins

1. Introduction and Literature Review: (<=2.5 Mins)
  a. Present a succinct introduction on the problem and give some preliminaries
  b. Highlight research gaps (and hence core contributions): a gap-contribution mapping may be presented here.
  c. When discussing literature, mention ; a list of references at the end of a presentation is not that meaningful. Preferably, present a brief table with all results discussed.
2. Objective and Outcome: (< 1.5 mins)
  a. Follow the thesis proposal and present briefly.
  b. Link the objective to the outcomes (preferably through a pictorial mapping)
3. Methods (<=5 Mins)
  a. Present the methodology succinctly. Should include, but not be limited to the following (as and when appropriate):
    1) methodological components: Strongly recommended to add a schematic diagram of the methods.
    2) datasets and experimental design (if appropriate).
    3) Proof/Algorithmic idea/sketch (if appropriate).
    4) evaluation metrics and plan of comparison.
4. Preliminary results (Optional; only if time permits)
  a. You may present some results. NOT NECESSARY
5. Conclusion (< 1 min)
6. Back-up slides should be ready in case more explanation/information is sought by the members