M.Sc. In Computer Science & Engineering:

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers Masters of Science (M.Sc.) & Masters of Engineering (M.Engg.) degree program for prospective graduate students.

Academic Requirements and Regulations::

» The minimum duration of the M. Sc. Engg. / M. Engg. course shall normally be three semesters. A candidate for the Master’s degree must complete all the requirements for the degree within five academic years (session) from the date of the first admission in the respective program.
» Academic progress shall be measured in terms of credit hours earned by a student. One credit hour subject shall normally require one hour of class attendance per week for one semester; while one credit hour of thesis/project/laboratory should normally require three hours of work per week for one semester. The number of credit hours for each subject shall be as specified in the syllabus.
» For the degree of M. Sc. Engg. a student must earn a minimum of 36 credit hours including a thesis for which 18 credit hours shall be assigned.
» For the degree of M. Engg. a student must earn a minimum of 36 credit hours including a project for which 6 credit hours shall be assigned.
» There shall be two categories of student, namely, full-time students and part-time students.
» Students, serving in different organizations, may be admitted as part time students with a written consent of the employer. A part time student may be assigned a maximum of 9 credit hours of course including thesis / project work in any semester.
» Full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester. A full-time student shall not be allowed to be in the employment of any organization (even as a part time employee). However, they may be employed as teaching / research assistant at the University. If a full-time student becomes an employee (full-time or part-time) of any other organization in the middle of a semester, he may, with the approval of the Head of the department and his employer, be allowed to continue as a full time student for that semester.
» The courses of study is recommended by the BPGS and Faculty and approved by the Academic Council. The BPGS may review the curriculum from time to time and recommend any changes as may be considered necessary. The courses to be offered in any semester shall also be as determined by the BPGS.
» A student on recommendation of the BPGS and as approved by the CASR may be allowed a transfer of credits of the courses completed by the student at a recognized institution provided that the courses were not taken earlier than five calendar years from the date of his first enrollment in the respective program at BUET and that the student obtained a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 or its equivalent and that the courses are equivalent to the approved courses of BUET.