PhD In Computer Science & Engineering:


Every selected candidate, unless he has already been registered shall get himself registered with the university.

Every registered candidate (student) shall get himself enrolled on payment of prescribed fees and other dues as per University rule before the commencement of each semester. Course registration must be completed within two weeks of the start of the semester otherwise the student shall not be allowed to continue the course in that semester.

Appointment of Supervisor:

On provisional admission, the Selection Committee shall submit a name of Supervisor who shall be a full-time member of the staff belonging to the relevant department and a Co-Supervisor from within or outside the department, if necessary. These selections have to be approved by the CAS. The Supervisor shall prescribe a plan of study to be undertaken by the student and supervise the progress of the candidate’s work.

Final Selection:

A provisionally selected candidate shall be deemed to be eligible for final registration as a Ph.D. student with effect from the date of his provisional admission if and when he qualifies the comprehensive examination.

Academic Requirements and Regulations:

» The minimum duration of the Ph. D. course shall be four semesters from the date of provisional admission. A student must complete all requirements for the Ph. D. degree within six academic years (session) from the date of his provisional admission.
» Academic progress shall be measured in terms of credit hours earned by a student. One credit hour subject shall normally require one hour of class attendance per week for one semester while one credit hour for thesis work should normally require three hours of research work per week for one semester. The number of credit hours for each subject shall be as specified in the syllabus of the respective department.
» A student must complete a minimum of 54credit hours of which a maximum 45 credit hours shall be assigned for a thesis.
» There shall be two categories of students, namely full-time students and part-time students.
» Students, serving in different organizations, may be admitted as part-time students with a written consent of the employer. A part-time student may be assigned a maximum of 9 credit hours of course work in any semester.
» Full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester. A full-time student shall not be allowed to be in the employment of any organization (even as a part-time employee). However, they may be employed as Teaching/Research Assistant at the University. If a full time student becomes an employee (full-time or part-time) of any organization in the middle of a semester, he may, with the approval of the Head of the department and his employer, be allowed to continue as a full time student for that semester.
» The subjects of study in the different departments shall be as recommended by the respective BPGS and the Faculty and approved by CASR. The BPGS may review the curriculum from time to time and recommend any changes as may be considered necessary.

Doctoral Committee:

A Doctoral Committee for every student shall be set up by the Head of the Department in consultation with the supervisor and approved by the CASR. The Committee shall be formed within six months from the date of the student’s provisional admission. The Committee shall consist of at least members but not shall exceed seven including the Head of the Department and the Supervisor. The Supervisor shall act as a chairman and the Head of the Department will be an ex-officio member of the Doctoral Committee. The Doctoral Committee should meet from time to time at the request of the supervisor to review the progress of the student. In special circumstances CASR may approve any addition and / or alteration in the Doctoral Committee on the recommendation of the Supervisor through the Head of the Department.

Research Topic:

The student shall submit a research proposal to the Doctoral Committee, which shall examine the proposal and recommend it for the approval of the CASR through the Head of the department. In special circumstances the Doctoral Committee may recommend through the Head of the department to CASR for approval for any change of research topic.

Conduct of Examinations for Course Work:

In addition to tests, assignment and/or examinations during the semester as may given by the teacher(s) concerned, there shall be a written examination and/or other tests for each of the subjects offered in a semester at the end of that semester, the date of which shall be announced by the Controller of Examinations. BUET as advised by the Dean of the respective Faculties at least two weeks before the commencement of the examination. The final grade in a subject shall be based in the performance in all tests, assignment and/or examinations.

The Controller of Examinations shall keep up-to-date record of all the grades obtained by a student in individual Academic Record Card. Grades shall be announced by the Controller of Examinations at the end of each semester. In addition each student is entitled to one official transcript of the university record without any fee at the completion of his academic program from the office of the Controller of Examinations on production of statement of clearance from all departments/offices.

The BPGS of a department shall recommend the names of the paper setters and examiners for the semester examination at least two weeks before the date of commencement of the examination to the Vice-Chancellor for approval.

Qualifying Requirements:

» Course work: To qualify for the degree a student must earn a minimum grade point of 2.75 based on the weighted average in his course work.

» Comprehensive: The date and time of the comprehensive examination shall be fixed by the Doctoral Committee on the request of the Supervisor. Comprehensive examination shall ordinarily be held after the completion of the course work by the student.

The Comprehensive examination shall comprise a written examination and/or an oral examination to test the knowledge of the student in his field of study. The Doctoral Committee shall conduct the comprehensive examination. If a student fails to qualify in a comprehensive examination he shall be given one more chance to appear in the examination as scheduled by the Doctoral Committee.

If the cumulative number of F grades obtained by the student is three or more in the same or different subjects taken together, he shall not be allowed to continue in the program.


Research work for a thesis shall be carried out in this university or at a place(s) approved by the Doctoral Committee in consultation with the Supervisor.

At the end of the student’s research work the student shall submit a thesis, which must be an original contribution to engineering/sciences and worthy of publication. At least six type written copies of the thesis in the final form must be submitted to the Head of the department through the Supervisor.

The student shall certify that he did the research work and that this work has not been submitted elsewhere for any other purpose (except for publication)

On Completion of the research work and submission of the thesis an oral examination shall be arranged on a date or dates fixed by the Head of department in which the student shall defend his thesis. The student must satisfy the examiners that he is capable of intelligently applying the results of this research to the solution of problems, of undertaking independent work, and afford evidence of satisfactory knowledge related to the theory and technique used in his research work.