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BUET Team Secured the 34st Position in ACM ICPC 2009:

BUET Falcon team has shown an excellent performance in the World Final of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest 2009 hosted by KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. This time, BUET has secured 34st position in this prestigious and competitive programming contest, outperforming world famous universities like Caltech (no rank), Purdue (no rank), SUNY Stony Brook(no rank), Alberta (no rank), Virginia(no rank), McGill (no rank), Duke(no rank), Texas at Austin (49th) and Wisconsin Madison (49th). BUET team solved 4 out of 11 problems whereas the highest number of problems solved was 9 by St. Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (rank 1) and Tsinghua University(rank 2). A fantastic team work of Shahriar Rouf (Nafi), Md. Mahbubul Hasan(Shanto) and Tanaeem Muhammad Moosa under the coaching of Dr. M. Kaykobad, along with the best wishes of all well wishers have made this possible.

The contest started at 1.30 PM (BGD time), April 21st and the duration was 5 hours. Among the 11 problems (A-K), BUET team solved problems A,B, D and F. The first problem they solved was problem A and they did it very quickly, and that took them to within 5 teams. It took some hours for them to solve the next 2 problems. Around hour 3 they solved another one to jump from middle of the rank list to as high as 13th position. With an anticipation of achieving best ever record on the world finals by any BUET team, they tried their best to solve more problems but in the end finished the contest with the same 4 solves and a rank of 34. Department of CSE, BUET arranged a live show at the seminar room of Information Access Center (IAC) of West Palashi Campus to watch this big event on big screen. All the enthusiastic teachers, students and family members of participants of BUET team watched this marvelous performance. The whole department is waiting for the golden boys to come back safely.

Posted on: [2009-04-26]