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BUET Excels in EWU Programming Contest:

A nationwide programming contest has been organized by East West University on July 28-29, 2006. A total of 73 teams from 34 universities have participated in the contest. Once again BUET teams have shown their excellence in programming skill in the contest. Among the top five positions, BUET teams have occupied three positions, including the 1st and the 2nd positions.

BUET xC33d has become the champion with a dazzling performance, solving seven out of ten problems. BUET xC33d team members are Istiaque Ahmed, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman and Sabbir Yousuf Sanny. BUET INNOVATOR team, consisting of Shahriar Rouf, Md. Mahbubul Hasan and Khobaib Chowdhury, has become the runner-up solving six problems. It may be noted that all three members of BUET INNOVATOR team are level 1 term 1 students of CSE Department. BUET Asterix, consisting of Md. Tanvir Al Amin, Ishtiak Zaman and Sukarna Barua, has secured the 5th position solving five problems.

Md. Kamruzzaman, Lecturer, Department of CSE, BUET, has served as one of the judges of the programming contest.

Posted on: [2006-07-29]