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CSE Students Develop First Ever Bangla SMS:

image not availableA group of four freelance programmers from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), BUET has developed the first ever Bangla SMS System launched by Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd). The members of 3SM Systems are: Hasan Shihab Uddin, Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury, Nahid Mahfuza Alam (Shapla) and Md Mahbubur Rahman. They are currently students of Level 3 Term 2 of CSE, BUET. The name of their group 3SM is formed by taking the initials of their names. Their website is The system was developed in Java.

Text based (Unicode) hardware support for Bangla SMS is not yet available in commonly available mobiles. Moreover, Juktakkhor (Conjunct letters) support is limited in Unicode, if not none. That's why this Picture Based System is developed. This is the first time in Bangladesh that Bangla SMS is introduced, which initially seemed to be impossible due to lack of hardware support. The work of 3SM Sytems has a direct impact on around three lakh subscribers of Citycell. Citycell would use this product in their various Value Added Services related to Bangla SMS. It is already highlighted in several newspapers. The achievement of 3SM Systems is a milestone in Bangladesh in contributing to the industry while being in academia.

Posted on: [2005-05-15]